Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Symphony Day!

One of the best things (I realize I think alot of things are "best things" about homeschooling) about homeschooling are the field trip days!  My philosophy of homeschooling is that, "All of life is learning, and most of it you can log."  For those of you who don't get the funny, when you homeschool in Missouri you are required to "log" (record) 1,000 hours of instruction per calendar year, at least 400 in core subjects and the rest in electives.  We do not spend a lot of time sitting at desks filling out workbook pages - most of our learning in history and science comes from reading together, watching videos, and doing stuff.  All our electives do, too (art, music, p.e., Bible study, shop, chess, community service, etc.). 

Anyway, today we go to Powell Symphony Hall to the Young People's Concert to see Appalachian Spring.  We have 24 people attending, and afterwards several of us will hit Cici's Pizza (when eating lunch with a large group of students, cheap+easy is the key!) for lunch.  I realize that I enjoy the program more than my boys do, but that is really beside the point.  Culture is good for them, and I want them to be well-rounded.  We don't focus a whole lot on music and art (they get a lot of p.e. and shop for electives!) but I want them to be exposed to it and understand it.

And hey, there is pizza afterwards!

It is a beautiful day here, and adventure is just right around the corner!

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