Sunday, January 4, 2015

What I Learned

I am on a homeschool forum with a great bunch of ladies.  One of the topics brought up this weekend is, "What did you learn this year?"  I learned a lot of things educationally, etc.  But along with all the fun stuff (biology and history can be amazing when you get to learn along with the kids).  But there are some lessons that are ongoing, that even when you think you have learned them they keep coming back.  These I have pondered this morning.

I also started reading Broken for a Purpose by Gisela Yohannan (wife of found of Gospel for Asia) this morning.  When God tells you things from two different sources within an hour, it is time to listen.

     "When the Lord saved us, He gave us His joy, peace, assurance of salvation and eternal life.  But somehow in our minds, we often expect God to remove all the difficulties and hardships of our life from now on, so as believers we can enjoy an easier, more comfortable life than the rest fo mankind.  But Jesus did not make such a promise.  He only promised to be with us always.  In fact, He told us in advance that we would suffer persecution and trials - as He did - if we are to become His disciples.
     This actually means that aside from the difficulties a "natural" (unsaved) person faces, we will be in a continuous spiritual battle, one that is not against flesh and blood.  Yet in the midst of all this, Jesus assures us of a peace that is not of this world and enables us to be more than conquerors."

Things I have learned, and continue to learn this year, and probably for my entire life:
Don't believe anything you hear unless you see and hear it yourself straight from the horse's mouth.
Give everyone the benefit of the doubt.
Keep your mouth shut.
Do not grumble.
We have plenty of critics. Be an encourager.
Trust in the Lord.
Nothing stays the same.