Thursday, October 1, 2009

September reading list

Books for September: some great, some only okay. I only have one more book left in the Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes series, and I am dreading it being over - it is one where I feel like I really know the characters.

I think I am going to make my 100 for the year....3 months left, and only need 27 more books, and I'll finish one today.

65. Justice Hall – 4.5 – Laurie R. King – the continuing adventures of Sherlock Holmes and his wife and partner in detective work, Mary Russell. This time they are trying to solve the mystery surrounding the death of the heir to a British dukedom in the aftermath of WWI. Always good.

66. Royal Flush – 4 – Rhys Bowen – 3rd book in the Her Royal Spyness series. Lady Georgiana is 34th in line for the British throne in the early 1930s. She comes from a noble but impoverished family. Toss in a cast of eccentric characters, some upper-crust British clichés, that American woman Mrs. Wallis Simpson and a dead body or two and you get a fun, easy murder mystery. Very enjoyable series.

67. The Secret Life of Becky Miller – 4.5 – Sharon Hinck – a few clichés stopped this from being a complete 5 – Becky Miller is a young mother of 3 who is trying (way too hard) to do Big Things For God. Should be required reading for all mothers of young children who find themselves on 18 bazillion committees at church.

68. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade – 2 - ? – junior novelization of the movie – whatever would we do WITHOUT Scholastic Books? It is good to read the books that movies came from, but books written AFTER the movie – not so good. Bedtime read aloud for the boys – it was Tony’s turn to pick. I finished it, and it took about 3 weeks, so I am counting it!

69. The Power of a Positive Mom – 3.5 Karol Ladd – pretty good, Christian book, just basic uplifting Mom stuff

70. The Game – 4.5- Laurie R. King – continuing adventures of Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes – this time in India, rescuing Kimball O’Hara (a grown-up Kim of Rudyard Kipling fame) – leaves a few loose ends.

71. The Locked Room – 4.5- Laurie R. King – ties up the loose ends for Russell and Holmes from the previous book

72. Run For Your Life – 3.5- Betty Swynford – read aloud to older boys – story of a German boy whose family hid Jews in the early days of WWII and the Jewish boy whose family was hidden – they are captured by the Nazis and it is the story of how the two boys escaped. Pretty good, the boys really enjoyed it.