Friday, July 2, 2010

Reading list from June, 2010

Not much of a list this month - I am in the middle of four books, and have started and put down several.

My recommendation of the month is....The Tall Woman

38. Apple Turnover Murder – 2.75 – Joanne Fluke – okay, now I am back to thinking the series should end. I thought that 2 books ago. Then the last one had a good twist at the end. Then this one just bumbled along. 290 pages, and I knew EXACTLY who did it before page 200. And I was right. I even knew at about page 55 how Hannah would be rescued from the murderer and the murder hadn’t even happened yet! Can I say that they are getting a little too predictable? Mike is a jerk, but he’s not, but he loves her, but can he be faithful? Norman has been the solid rock through the whole series, but now he is acting distant. Too many cliffhangers left at the end – these are a series, but they still need to be able to stand alone. Anyway, I think this is the lowest score I’ve ever given one in this series.

39. Young, Restless and Reformed: A Journalist’s Journey With the New Calvinists – 5 – Collin Hansen – a re-read from last summer, but I am going to count it, anyway. I feel like I read it with fresh eyes.

40. The Perilous Roud – 4 – William O. Steele – read aloud with the older boys. Chris Brabson is a Tennessee boy at the start of the Civil War, and he hates Yankees. Then his brother joins up with the Union army. It is about learning that there are people on both sides of the conflict. One of the few Sonlight Core 3 or 4 books that the boys have really liked.

41. Your Child’s Profession of Faith – 4 – Dennis Gundersen – discussion of childhood conversions.

42. Easy Chairs Hard Words: Conversations on the Liberty of God – 4 – Douglas Wilson – discussion between an older pastor and younger man, answering the hard questions about doctrines of grace

43. ArchEnemy – 3 – Frank Beddor – book 3 in The Looking Glass Wars trilogy. It was okay. The first one was the best.

44. The Tall Woman – 5 – Wilma Dykeman – excellent story – reminded me of Christy, only more fast-paced. The story of Lydia Moore MacQueen and her family in the Smokey Mountains, starting with her marriage in 1864. A great story of family and faith, and forgiveness and working out Christian faith in life. Love, love, loved it.

And that is it!