Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Status report, some book logs

It has been a loooonnnnggg time since I posted anything!  This winter and spring has been crazy busy - mostly good busy, though.  Lots of fun stuff with the kids, our science co-op, all kinds of fellowships with friends, and the cabinet shop has been inundated with orders!  We also got to host a little guy from Safe Families for almost a month.  He is coming back out today for a few days to visit.  So excited!  In the meantime, though, here is a bit of status, hopefully I can update some reading logs, and maybe get a few pictures in as well.
Stole the questions for the Status Update from Kim at The Upward Call
Sitting:  in my big recliner, where I do most of my reading and studying.
Glad: that I got a bunch of cabinets ordered last night so I can chill this morning.
Thankful: to have a beautiful day, since we are driving over an hour each way to pick up our little Safe Families guy for a visit.
Re-evaluating: my plans for school this fall.
Looking ahead to: time on Saturday that I am going to make some jewelry.  The guys will all be gone at a Mens' Breakfast at church and I am going to sort my goodies and string some beads.  It has been way too long.
Feeling bad: for some of my friends who are going through some really tough times.  I know prayer is the most important thing we can do, but I wish there were some physical things I could do as well.  Sometimes there are, but most of the time it is too big.
Relieved: that Joe, who was droopy all yesterday and not feeling good last night, is up and back to his normal self today!
Happy: to be working on a new Bible study from Cruciform Press titled "Joy! A Bible Study On Philippians for Women" by Keri Folmer and reading "Ties That Bind" by one of my favorite authors, C.J. Darlington
Curious: about so many things.
Thinking: about how to mesh sports and homeschooling.
Proud: of my husband.  
Wondering: if it is too soon to start stressing out about our biology co-op next year.
Praising God: for this gorgeous day that I get to enjoy.
And now, onto some books....I really wish I could just cut and paste my logs from Goodreads...here is a link to my shelf of books I have read so far this year which I have creatively titled "2013 Log".  All my current reads are over to the right.  I have pretty much gotten away from writing reviews, just doing stars.  I know, I know.....
Other than that, not much to tell.  But, I will anyway, with just a few from the family album!
Ben at his 13th birthday party.  He had a dodgeball party.  The cake is Rubik's Cube themed.  He does not like having his picture taken, can you tell?

Joe, performing a science experiment

My Nevin.  

Henry showing us some Darth Maul moves with the double light saber his dad made for him.

Me and my mom at a ladies dinner at her church.  Yes, we are wearing paper hats.  Don't ask.

Group photo from our last airsoft war.  We usually do one in the fall and one in the spring.  

And the latest family portrait, from Mother's Day.  I think Nevin and I are starting to resemble Phil and Miss Kay, what do you think?  With our four boys, we could be some Robertsons in the making.  Tony especially plans to have a beard, as soon as physically possible.  

Tony's 15th birthday.  Me and my four men, plus Tony's buddy Caleb.  Caleb seems to show up in a lot of our pictures. 
And that is it!  Hopefully I won't wait four months to write again.  I need to update the pictures on the sidebar as well.  But not today.  Today I am going to go get the little guy!