Saturday, November 6, 2010

Life in the Country

For those who don't know, we live in the country and have a few animals.  We are not farmers - not even hobby farmers.  Just like to keep some chickens.  There is nothing like a couple of fresh eggs, with some veggies and a bit of cheese for a filling lunch!

These are some of my new girls, who will be leaving their home in our garage and heading out to the freshly-shoveled henhouse soon:
These little ladies are Hardy Concords, and were born on 10/13/10, and arrived via Priority Mail on the 15th.  In a few weeks, they have gone from darling balls of fluff to 6-7" tall birds with some strong opinions! 


Next, off to feed the current egg-laying ladies - in this house are some White Leghorns and Black Astralorps:


These girls are in their second year, and egg production has slowed way down - at their peak, they lay an egg a day.  The White Leghorns can be expected to lay 360 eggs in their first full year of laying.

And, who else is waiting for their breakfast but the "barn cats" - Claire and her son, Calvin

And last, but never least, Nugget the Guinea Pig, whose eyes are not really red, but that is how they photograph and I couldn't fix it!

So, time to get off this machine and go fix myself some of those tasty eggs!

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  1. Wow. You're chickens have sure growns since last time we seen them!


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