Saturday, November 27, 2010

Giving Facebook one.more.try!

I am going to give Facebook one more try - but if it turns into a problem again, I will delete my account.  This time I just deactivated it, which leaves everything "as is" but invisible.  If it takes over my time/life, though, it will have to go for good. 

After a month, though, why come back?  Well, the easiest and most obvious answer is that I miss people.  I do manage to stay in touch with most of my friends pretty regularly, but I was missing some of the social interaction.  We'll just have to see, though.  If it gets stressful, we'll know the experiment failed.

I have been enjoying keeping this blog updated, so hopefully that will continue. 

It was interesting (at least to me) that the day I decided to go back to Facebook (Thursday) was also the day our Hughesnet satellite went out.  It took me a day to accept it, and then get the dial up set back up.  So, for now (at least until Monday, according to the helpful Hughesnet rep!) I am back on dial up.  Which means it takes so long for anything to load that I can get my laundry folded while I wait! 

Today, besides playing on the computer, I am attempting to clean out the toy area in our family room.  A major disaster, and probably a poor choice of way to spend my day!  But, it needs to be done, and no time like the present. 

So, break is over - back to work!

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