Saturday, November 20, 2010

Planning, planning, planning

Today I have a "day off" - sort of!  We cleaned the house yesterday for Game Day, so all I really need to do today is laundry.  But I am going to do something I have been neglecting...

I am a planner.  I like lists.  I have a menu plan for the month.  I make lists each day.  Or let's put it this way - on the days that I DO make lists I get a lot done - on the days that I don't, I tend to wander about the house, doing little bits of stuff, accomplishing...not much.

I used to do all my weeks' school planning on Sunday evenings, but the last few years we've had AWANA.  Then I started doing it on Sunday afternoons, but this summer we started with fellowships after church, and by the time we get home there are only a few hours between that and AWANA, and I really don't feel like doing it then. 

So - today I am going to plan out our school from this Monday through Christmas break.  That way, there is a plan, and we can follow it.  We won't follow it exactly, but we can check things off as we go and adapt a little here and there.  But I need to at least have a framework.

So, as soon as I finish breakfast, I am going to sit at the computer with my Homeschool Tracker (a wonderful tool if you are logging more than two kids!) and a pile of books and get that huge stress off my back!


  1. Then when you are done...come plan for me, because most of the time I ride by the seat of my pants!

  2. Hi Paula, I'm trying to respond to the comment you left on my blog about Lego Lapbook. It's really not my idea. The link I found it at is:
    We have a group of 8 kids that are working through this once a month.

  3. Kathi - thank you so much - my Lego guys are going to LOVE this! I am already planning this for our "ease back into school" project in January!

    Everyone - be sure and check out Kathi's blog, on my list on the sidebar!


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