Monday, November 8, 2010

Cleaning out the basement

How about I have my very first giveaway - like my friend Anita does!

For starters - I found several sets of "vintage" (think 1970s) wine glasses/goblets in a box in the basement.  I am assuming they were my dad's.  I don't drink, and am not really planning to start, nor do I serve fabulous parfait desserts - so somebody let me know you want them and they are YOURS! 

I also have several copper tins - like jello molds that you hang on your wall.  Some are about 15 years old, but a few others my mother-in-law picked up at a jumble sale in Iowa, and they look pretty old.  I used to have them hanging up in our old house, but haven't had them out of the box since we moved here (8 years ago!).  So, if you like that sort of thing......!

I also have a beautiful, great big hardback Mother Goose book, illustrated by Rosemary Wells (Max and Ruby), that I don't think has ever been opened - it is too heavy to post on paperbackswap, so if anyone has a little child they'd like to give it to, I think it is even in new-gift condition.

That's a start.  I also found a lot of knick-knack type things belonging to my dad and grandma, that I am not going to part with.  Someday I'd like to display them, but for now, space is at a premium.

But just touching that stuff does bring back some memories!


  1. Ha! It's what ya gotta do to get rid of things to make more room for things to eventually give rid of again. LOL

  2. I wish all giveaways were this easy to win! LOL!


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