Friday, January 30, 2009

Some fat free cheese with that whine....

The snow has really gotten us away from our school schedule. Generally, I would say that there is no time for school when there is outside fun to be had - that is my philosophy. If it is a great day, and I look out and four little boys are all playing, running, jumping and having fun together - there is no way I am going to make them come inside to diagram sentences or something. But, I am off my schedule this week, and being a creature of schedule, this has thrown me. And, there are boots, mittens, etc. everywhere. I know this is all good, the kids are loving it. I shall keep telling myself that.

I am, however,having a terrible week, Weight Watchers-wise. This probably ties in with my last post where I was eating gingerbread for lunch!

I was talking to my friend Angel on the phone last night and she says she can tell I'm not drinking my water and am bloated. She can tell this OVER THE PHONE.(note - get new friends, this one is very peculiar.....). And - here is the kicker. Most Sunday evenings I take my two oldest boys to Dairy Queen (I know, I know...) after AWANA. We go if one of them gets an award. Being overachievers, we usually go 3 times a month. I have been getting my dinner there - regular hamburger and small fry. According to the 2008 Dining Out book, that is 12 points. But now I have the 2009 book - and it is 17 points. I checked DQ's website. Yep. 17 points. A small hot fudge sundae with nuts is only 9! But it is so cold, and they have a fireplace, and I so look forward to my nice hot burger and fries. But 17 points! As I am on "maintenance" with WW (trying to maintain my weight loss) I get 28 points a day - so 17 is really quite a bit for one meal. No wonder I'm bloated, I've been eating 5 points more than I thought every week! This is so unfair.

Tony came in while I was grousing about it and he said, "So what - once a week - live a little." Grrr, get out of my room you little cretin!

I only called him that because I knew he didn't know what it meant.

So, today is the last day of my week, I have 3 Weekly Points left. I can do this. My gosh, last summer I only had 23 points a day and never ate my WP. I am really struggling now, though. All the produce in the store is a)yucky and b)$$$$$. So, I am not eating many veggies, and you know what? I DON'T WANT ANY. I want warm, baked (or fried, I'm not picky) food.

Just so you know I am whining needlessly, I lost 25 pounds last summer and I have maintained that loss. I did so good right up until Christmas, and I even didn't gain but 1 pound back from Thanksgiving to New Year. I have got to get back to my regular meeting - 3 more weeks of the swim lessons - I have not been able to make my regular meeting because it conflicts with the boys' swim class, and there just are not very many meetings where I live.

I know I need to QUIT whining and go eat a salad, or an orange with my breakfast, or any other real food.

Hmm, blueberry muffins sound good.....STOP IT!

Side note - because of the snow all week, I've been making lots of hot chocolate for the kids, the real kind, on the stove. And yes, I've been drinking it too.

Milk is good for you though. My story, I'm sticking with it.


  1. Thanks Paula, I needed some motivation! Hah!
    My stupid down fall is Cheez-It crackers. I even bought the reduced fat kind, thinking, you know I can still have my crackers too. But guess what I keep doing...sneaking into the kitchen to get just one! Note to self, don't buy Cheez-Its!

  2. How can you eat one Cheez-It? They are so tiny.....

  3. They are, that's why I keep going back into the kitchen to get one.


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