Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Giving In (already!)

Today, I gave in.

It is so cold and snowy, and we got moving a little late. I try to start school by 9:00. Okay, by 9:30. Anyway, I am cooking bacon and eggs for breakfast. I have just broken my egg into the fat to fry it when the phone rings. Ozark Federal bank, calling because I am usually a good customer...uh, oh. You got it. Bounce. Bong. Bounce. No way, I know there is more in the account than that.

Pause for a moment to acknowledge that the bank is ALMOST ALWAYS right.

After my egg turned to yuck, many phone calls and trying to access their site on my dial up (which disconnects a lot!) I find that not only did I electronically pay my mortgage this month (my mortgage, checking and saving are with the same bank) but somehow I set it up to automatically transfer that same amount from my checking to my savings. So, I paid my mortgage and then it magically moved the exact same amount from my checking to my savings. My savings account looked quite nice this morning - too bad I had negative numbers in checking!

We will acknowledge that somehow I did this, and it was not the banks' fault. The good folks at Ozark waived the $40 nsf fee and ran my checks through, which was really nice since we don't want to be bouncing checks to the Baptist church!

Meanwhile, while this fun was going on, the older boys were supposed to be doing their schoolwork. Tony can't find his history book, so he walked around for 20 minutes. I found it in 2 seconds. Then he informed me he forgot to do his math yesterday. Then Joe and Henry got into an argument and started yelling.

And then I started yelling. And ran in my bedroom and laid facedown on the bed and prayed (dear God, please don't let me kill them.......) until it passed. Calmly I went downstairs, and we did history and science. And then I gave in and sent them outside in the snow.

Henry declined to go outside, and I gave in and let him have hot chocolate with marshmallows and gingerbread for lunch.

And then I gave in and had gingerbread for lunch.

And it was really good.

As they come in I will dry all their clothes, then this afternoon they will go back out and I will make a nice pot of hot chocolate. And maybe I will give in to some fresh cookies.

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