Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Desire of Your Heart

A few weeks ago I started in a Bible discussion group at Faith Baptist. I am a member of First Baptist, but my two older boys Tony and Ben go to AWANA at Faith. So, when they started a womens' group I was so excited to join in. It is perfect for me - the same time as the boys are in AWANA and I'm already there, great discussion, and NO HOMEWORK. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for Beth Moore Bible Studies, but I can't keep up with them in this season of life.

Anyway - for this Sunday we are supposed to be thinking and praying about the desire of our hearts.

We are studying Proverbs 31.

I love the part about her children rising up and calling her blessed. I want mine to - not because I am so wonderful, but because my being their mother has been a blessing to them. That I have done right by them. The desire of my heart is to see my children saved, to have faith in Christ.

We are now 50% there - this week Ben and I had much discussion, and he is saved. I was really taken back by how much he understands, and the things he wanted to know. He does not jump into anything lightly!

My prayer journal for 1/15 was all about praying that Ben would come to faith, that he would heed the Holy Spirit. I knew he'd been thinking about it for a while, but he seemed to have defenses up. So, we've just been open to discuss and pray. Then on the 16th he told me he was ready to believe - that he actually has always believed, but today he was professing (okay, he was telling me, I said professing) that Jesus is his Saviour.

What a wonderful day. What a wonderful eternity.

He does say that he does not want to "go in front of everyone and get baptized". Hey, one step at a time.

So, now I have something to share at my womens' group tomorrow night.

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