Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Getting started.....

One of the things I vowed I'd never do - have a blog.

I have always thought of blogs as being for people who "thought they were so important that they actually thought others cared what they thought".

But I signed up to follow my friend Debi's blog, and it asked if I'd like one of my very own......and well, who can turn it down!

To introduce myself - I am a homeschooling mom to four boys, wife to the best guy in the world, a Christian who is still "learning to trust" on a day-to-day (sometimes minute to minute) basis. An avid reader. An enthusiastic cook, a lifetime member of Weight Watchers (do the two go hand in hand, or what!). Mainly, I am a lifelong learner, and I hope to instill the love of learning in my boys.

I have no idea where this blog will go, or even if anyone else will ever read it, goes nuthin'!


  1. LOL...silly paula! You have a blog! That's fun...Well I like my blog cause my extended family can keep up with me.

  2. Oh yeah...if I follow your blog, you have to follow mine! :P

    I'll be at the meeting Monday! Can't wait, I need it!!

  3. I love you girlfriend!! Thank you so much for taking my mom out to eat and spending time with her!!


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