Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mothering boys on a snowy day

We've had a cold, snowy, sleety day. The boys have loved it, of course! Because the local schools were closed, our swimming class at the Y was cancelled. So, we did some schoolwork this morning. We are reading a biography of William Penn right now, and really enjoying it, and we started a unit on electricity in science.

Anyway, I got done with lunch and I know that I really need to go get all the boys bundled up. Nevin got all their hats, gloves, etc. together last night. But, it is still this sort of hard, frozen snow. I think only a bad mother would send her children out in that. So, I called Nevin. He gave me a long dialogue on how boys need to be outside, how they WANT to be outside when it is like this, it is an adventure, etc. So, I got off the phone, got them ready and sent them out. I went out for a little to feed the chickens, take pictures of the snowman, etc. Henry only made it about 15 minutes, but the others stayed out about an hour. So, I made a pot of nice hot chocolate for them when they came in.

Later today I talked to Nevin and I told him that when we spoke earlier, he made me feel like an inadequate mother - that I didn't know they were supposed to be outside. He said no, I am a very good mother - but I am an inadequate FATHER. A father knows that boys want to be outside in this, and that is why he had to tell me.

Oh, that makes sense. Now I feel better!

I got to make another pot of chocolate tonight, because on his way home, Nevin bought a snowboard. After dinner they all bundled up again (including Dad!) and went out to snowboard and sled in the dark. No, I would not have ever thought of doing that!

And it is still sleeting, by the way!

Sometimes it is very strange to be the only girl in a house full of men. There are days when I get to be the princess - and many days where I am just the serving wench! But I am so blessed by all my men.


  1. Serving wench! LOL...that's good! But I agree with Nevin...you are great momma! We mommas just don't always know what is best for our boys. I still struggle with this with Sean...so don't feel bad, just listen to Nevin when it comes to stuff like this.

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