Friday, July 27, 2012

Toes and Hair

I am very motivated by vanity. There - I said it.  
While Googling my way through various diabetes websites, I found a lot of disturbing images of feet.  See, that is one of the big problems with diabetes, you may have issues with circulation to your feet.  You can develop foot ulcers easily, and they spread all the way to the bone rapidly.  The only answer is amputation.  
I thought about showing you some pictures of those feet, but they are really awful.  If you want to see, you can go to Google Images and type in "diabetic foot" and find out more than you ever wanted to know.

Instead, I show you these feet:

After my very first pedicure

With my wonderfully comfy slippers

As you can see, I have reasonably nice toes, no weird disfigurations, polish up well. (Hey, we all have to have something going for us!).

I plan to keep them.

On another issue of vanity, immediately upon hearing the results and diagnosis from my glucose test, I pulled into the beauty shop and got my new super-cute cut.
I keep hearing Julia Roberts, in Steel Magnolias.


She had Truvy (Dolly Parton) cut off all her long hair and give her a pixie-ish cut.  She said she felt the need to "simplify her life".  

I feel the need to simplify my life.  
I find it interesting that the Lord has been leading me in this direction over the last few months, with much discussion between Nevin and I about our schedules, outside activities, etc.  I had already begun "mentally" streamlining our lives. God is so good.

Anyway, since Belle requested it, here are some pictures of the new 'do.  Try to remember, I am no Julia Roberts!

Sorry about the messy bedroom background, when getting a kid to take pictures you have to grab them when you can!


  1. You are so cute! Your hair is really spunky and your toes are beautiful. Do you have wavy hair or very straight hair? I want to do something like that but I have straight hair and I'm afraid it would fall very flat. I'm sort of thinking Katie Holmes' bob maybe and then a blonde chunk in the front by the bangs.

  2. My hair is actually very straight, but I have a little bit of perm left in it. I used a flatiron on it, otherwise it would have little curls all over it.

    It looked better when the stylist did it, but this is pretty good for home on a weekday!

  3. Paula, I hope that your new awareness of a medical condition that might be lurking on your horizon is a blessing to you, and to your family.

    I love seeing the picture of you that you posted! My only regret is that I missed out on meeting you in Memphis, a couple of years ago!!!


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