Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Status Update for July

Right now, I am......

Sitting: At the kitchen table, doing some paperwork for the business, balancing the checkbook and paying bills.

Drinking:  My second cup of coffee with Stevia in the Raw and Aldi Fat-free French Vanilla Creamer.  It is much better than it sounds.  I will have at least one more.

Enjoying:  The quiet in the house before they all wander out.

Revamping:  All my plans for the school year.  At least it is still just in my head and I don't have to erase a lot yet!  Also revamping myself mentally for the upcoming year and the new schedule - trying to eliminate a lot of "out of the house" stuff, see how school goes on a year that we stay home a whole lot.

Doing: Today, some laundry, taking the guys to play basketball with friends, then Henry is having a friend spend the night and Tony is going to a friend's to spend the night.  May also do some barbecued pork steaks.

Processing:  This last weekend.  We went to Iowa to visit Nevin's family.  Always a nice weekend, no rush, no hurry.  A lot of time in the car to think about stuff.  God, life, plans for the future.  Big stuff.  Thinking about how I truly use my time.

Preparing:  Not much, I think I am still stuck on processing.

Reading:  An ebook I downloaded and printed.  I hate printing ebooks, they end up with giant print and 8 1/2x11.  But, I hate reading on the computer even more, so there you go.  I also started "Converting the West:  The Biography of Narcissa Whitman" last night.  It is inter-library-loan, so I need to get on it.

Praying:  Not much lately.  I seem to have lost my focus.   I guess praying I will get it back.  Lately it seems my relationship with the Lord has been pretty lazy.

Deciding:  That I probably need to get dressed and finish paying the bills.

Copying:  from Staci at Writing and Living

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