Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fourth of July on the Homestead

Even in this drought and 100 degree + temperatures, our gardens are flourishing.  We are very fortunate - we have a well, not city water, so we can use as much as we need without seeing a huge increase in our bills.

So, for the holidays, a little tour of how our garden has grown.....
Okay, these are not plants, but are these kittens getting cute or what!!!  Platinum and A.J.  I don't recall what A.J. stands for, have to ask the boys.

New bed by the playset

Tomato Garden #2 by the driveway

A Purple Coneflower

Tomato Garden #3, next to the beautiful clothesline

Chickens don't much care for the heat, either.

New bed by the big tomato garden.  You can see the shop in the background.

And the other end of the bed.

Nevin working away.

I am so glad we aren't paying for water, other than in electricity to run the pump on the well.

I don't know why this frog is sitting on the water spigot.  My guess is that it is cool.

Bed by the big tomato garden.

This is the main garden in front, full of tomatoes, peppers, zuchini, cucumbers and a few beans.


  1. What do you do with all the bounty? It seems like a lot - unless you can or something?

    Thanks for taking those pictures. I love to see the homestead.

  2. Freeze some, eat some, give some away. This year I am going to attempt homemade catsup,if I have enough tomatoes!


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