Wednesday, July 18, 2012

One of those annoying healthy-living posts

Generally, I don't talk about health/fitness, et al.  Well, only once a year, around January 1, when I commit to eat healthier and get more exercise.  But.....

Yesterday I went to a womens' health fair, sponsored by a local hospital.  As I am now among the class of "un-insured or under-insured", I qualify.  It was very nice, very well done.  I had my glucose checked, my cholesterol and had a mammogram.  Then I got to discuss the results with a nurse and go over my numbers and what needs to be done to change them.

Overall, I am not in bad shape for a 46 year old broad.  Menopause did horrible things to my waistline (nicer to blame that than the four kids!), but overall, a little achy joints but otherwise pretty good.

I need to lose some weight.  Okay, knew that.  Blood pressure was 122/86, not bad, but should be 120/80 or below.  Glucose should have been 140 or less, was 153.  This was my main cause for concern.  I had gestational diabetes with three of my pregnancies, so I am very familiar with the diets, blood testing, etc.  Do not want to go back there, ever.  Having had GD, I am at a higher risk, so this bothered me.  I am going to have to go to a lab and take a regular fasting test and see where I am.  In the meantime, I got some cinnamon and chromium pills to take.  It is supposed to help you metabolize sugars better.  We will see.  When I told my results to my friend who went with me, she asked if I had be itchy lately.  YES!!!  I have switched soaps three times in the last week or so, in the evening my whole torso and upper arms itch-itch-itch.  She said that is a sign of high blood sugar.

Side note - I thought about Googling all this, but my kids' pediatrician told me to never google symptoms, you always think you have something far worse than what you really have.

Anyway, started taking the pills.  A nice side effect is that if you burp you think you had a snickerdoodle.

My cholesterol overall is 191, and it needs to be below 200, so that is okay.  The good cholesterol, however, should be at least 50, preferably 60, and mine is 45.  The nurse suggested flax seed oil or meal, and........regular exercise.  I bought a bag of flaxseed mill (surprisingly inexpensive, I always expect healthy stuff to be a price gouge) and have added it to my smoothie today.  I don't taste any difference.  And, I did a half hour on the treadmill.

So, there is the update on my physical health.  This little adventure yesterday got me thinking about my spiritual and mental health as well, and some of the tie-ins.  I need to think a little more, and will elaborate later this week.

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