Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Afternoon on the Homestead

Finally time to sit down and reeeelllllaaaaxxx!  A busy weekend here - a kids' birthday party at a waterpark Friday, a baby shower Saturday morning, a kids' birthday party at a skating rink Saturday afternoon, then some squirrel hunting here last night.

The squirrel hunt turned into a rabbit hunt last night, when one of our hunters spied a couple brown rabbits heading out of one of the gardens.  A few bunnies bit the dust.  Nevin got another one running out this morning.  After all our work (especially Nevin's!) there is NO WAY we are feeding our crop to the rabbits.  Every time I find a half-eaten tomato I think about how tasty fried rabbit can be.

Excellent Sunday School today.  We are in John 12.  We started John in January of 2011.  We are going through the book word-by-word.  We will maybe finish this year.  I love this sort of teaching.  It sure beats "topical" lessons from a quarterly, that is for sure.  I feel like I am really getting a opportunity to know the Word. Our sermons are the same thing, the elders are currently preaching through Ephesians.  Grace, grace, grace - feel like I come away from there saturated in the grace and mercy of the Lord.

And now...home, relaxing and watching Soul Surfer.  Nevin and the big guys are at a meeting at church, then hopefully we will all be home together soon.  This week is crazy busy for Nevin, blessedly calm for me.  Hopefully my slow week will translate into me being available to help him.  I wish I could do more, but I don't know how to build cabinets......

And that is it - they just walked in the door, so the second shift of the day begins!

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