Friday, January 28, 2011

What to do, what to do.....

I woke up a few hours ago, and I just did not feel so hot. 

Ben has been sick for two days, said he was fine last night and when he got up this morning.  After being awake about fifteen minutes, he realized he was still sick.  Nevin also has been not feeling well, but as he would have to be in ICU to take off work, he is soldiering on.

This morning I woke up with a headache.  My legs really hurt, too, but I think that is from the treadmill yesterday (walked up a really steep incline slowly for 30 minutes). 

So, a dilemna.  Today is our book club.  Ben is definitely not going - he's got a date with Grandma's couch.  I really don't feel like going, though I may feel better once I eat and get moving.  The other three boys, however, really want to go.  They aren't sick, and don't want to miss out. 

Not sick, but are they carriers?? 

Yesterday I got a very funny phone call.  I have a friend, I'll call her Lou.  I love her because she says all the things the rest of us only think, and she has no hypocrisy in her - what you see is what you get.  Sometimes she comes off as rude, but I don't think she means to be.  Anyway, yesterday Lou calls because she heard Ben was sick.  What she really wanted to know - and came right out and said - was:

What symptoms does he have?
When did it start?
Do the others have it?
Anyone coughing?
And...are you planning to come to the book club?  Because her family has just been sick for a month and she does not want to expose the kids to anyone else who is sick because she CANNOT go through this again!

I just had to laugh.  I mean really, how often do we look at someone elses' kid and wonder WHY did they bring that kid to this event?  Do you think church/book club/playgroup cannot go on without you?  I know I am certainly guilty of this.  A couple months ago, we had a week where we were "in between" bouts of colds and coughing.  And I took all the boys to chess club.  About 15 minutes into a game I noticed that Joe has begin to cough, and his eyes have gone red, there are dark circles and they have sunk back into his head.

Maybe no one will notice.....

Anyway, even as I sit here and type, and as my third cup of coffee kicks in, I feel fine.  My headache is gone (probably will address my body's addiction to caffeine in another post) and I feel fine.  I think I will head out today.  Ben, on the other hand, is still going to Grandma's.  There is a vast difference between me having a headache and him being on the couch with a fever for two days. 

There is also the possibility that I am trying to get out of baking cookies and going to the book club this afternoon, but I would never do that.....never.

So, we will plan on going.  Tony is an "older student" so he does not have to do a book report - he gets to play on the fooseball table this afternoon - this explains why he is so insistent on going (Mom, you can just drop me and the cookies off if you don't feel like staying).  Henry does not like "lots of people looking at me" so he probably won't do his report.  Joe is doing his on the original story of Shrek by William Steig

I actually like the story book better than the movies.  But that usually happens.  I need to read over Joe's report today, he tends to like to put on a performance for groups, and needs some editing.

So, I have digressed from my headache, to a discussion of illness, when it is appropriate to take people out among others, the dangers of caffeine addiction, and how movies are never as good as the books.  Meanwhile, though, I do feel better.  Good enough to bake some cookies and head out.  It is a beautiful day, and the fresh air will do us all good!

I need to add a disclaimer - NO ONE else is sick, no one is coughing, I don't think we are carriers of anything, and therefore I think it is okay to go out.  In the event that anyone else would show any signs of being sick, we would stay home.  I promise.

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  1. I hope you all are 100% soon.

    Regarding Shrek, I listened to it on a cd as read by Stanley Tucci along with other stories by Steig. Very well done.


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