Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Goal #7

"Have more families over for fellowship at our house."

This is really not a difficult one at all.  I do have people over all the time - but it is mainly moms and kids from our homeschool group.  I really enjoy getting together for playdays, and we usually host things like the book club, board game days, etc. at our home.  We don't have a big house, but it is pretty open and we have room upstairs and downstairs, so it seems like we can fit a lot of people.  We do have a great yard, though - we are out in the country and have wooded acreage, plus the requisite trampoline, giant wooden playsets, tree fort, creek, etc. 

As long as it isn't raining and we can make the kids eat outside, I am open to having lots of folks over.  I think our max was 55 at the book club last September.

Where we fall short, however, is on having families (ie, dad too!) over in the evenings and on weekends.  We are getting better, though.  We had families over for 4th of July, we have been having a few families at a time over to eat, toast marshmallows, just hang out, watch football and we have both sides of our family over for Easter and Thanksgiving.  I enjoy having people over - I hate to admit it, but if we never had company, my house would not get a good cleaning very regularly!  Company always motivates me to vacuum under the furniture! 

I have learned not to stress on the cleaning too much, though.  I used to not have people over because it was so much work - super cleaning.  Now I do want things picked up and tidy, but I am not insane about it.  I don't have any hesitation to just make sure the bedroom doors are all closed.  As long as it is picked up, and the bathrooms and kitchens are clean, we are good.  When I go to someone's house, I am just delighted to be invited - I don't spend any time checking out baseboards.  I assume others are the same.  Let it be known, though - anyone who comes over and comments on my baseboards.....doesn't get invited back!

Keep it casual, keep it fun, don't stress out - get a set of folding chairs and a couple tables some time on sale and have a party!


  1. This is something I'm working on too. We haven't had anyone over for over year now. Guilt! Guilt! Guilt! I need to just stop worrying about the size of my tiny house and just do it.

  2. I'm totally feeling ya! My hubby & I just talked about this last week...

  3. GREAT goal! So many good family memories are made that way.


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