Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Goal #3 from "the list"

#3.  Follow through with my Bible reading plan.

I have always done pretty well with having a time each day to spend in scripture.  Sometimes I will go for periods where it is a lot of time, getting into some serious study.  Others, it may be just a few chapters.  I have always had the goal - and never accomplished it - of reading through the Bible in a year.  I have tried various formulas and schedules, have tried using chronological Bibles, etc.  I tend to get hung up around Leviticus, then at Job and the minor prophets. 

This year, I am using the reading plan listed in the daily readings from  Table Talk

I started reading older copies of this last year that were set out on the table at church, and really enjoyed it.  We have our OWN subscription this year.  I am going to read the devotional study each day, and the chapters.  It also includes some chapters and verses for further study, and I try to get those in each day, too.  I like this because it goes through books of the Bible verse by verse, as opposed to being topical. 

I have tried to do group or "organized" Bible studies in the past, and usually don't finish them.  I have attempted various Beth Moore studies, and even Experiencing God.  I find that I make it to the class, and I get a good start on the homework, but I just cannot get the 30-45 minutes worth of homework done each day.  I really don't care for the flipping through the Bible, looking up verses and filling-in-the-blanks approach.  So I get behind, then I have too much to finish....and then I don't get it done.  Just the way my mind works, I guess!

When I find a topic that really interests me, say, baptism, I will look up all the scripture I can find on it, then I will often look up a few websites for their perspective, then move on to some Church history.  I always want to know WHO did WHAT and WHEN.  When did certain practices of the Church come into existence?  Who made that decision, and based on what scripture?  I find that helps me clarify in my own mind whether some doctrine is from scripture or added through mans' tradition. 

And I just really like to study history.

This is the Bible that I have been using for study for the last few years:

and I also like to use this Bible dictionary, which was recommended by a pastor:

So, I tend to go in different directions at times, reading on a subject, chasing some rabbit trails through history and modern commentary. 

I think however you decide to study is fine, I just want to encourage everyone to spend some time in the Word each and every day.

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  1. I have a difficult time reading straight through the Bible as well. Reading from front to back without ever switching things up leaves me starving for the New Testament before I'm halfway through the Old, and even when I mix the two together sometimes I still have to take a break and move over to Psalms or Proverbs. As of right now, I'm in 1 Chronicles, Proverbs, and 1 Corinthians all at the same time.


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