Saturday, January 22, 2011

A final thought on goals (and I really mean it)!

So, now a few weeks into it, and how am I doing????

1. To get back to my Weight Watchers goal weight and maintain it - I am 10 lbs over right now (yikes!).
I have been staying within my Points and weighing in each week - the last two weeks I was down. .6 pounds each week.  This is good - as much as I'd like that 10 pounds to disappear immediately, I know that slow and steady is the way to go, and that will be easier to maintain.

2. Make getting all the schoolwork done a priority for the boys.
So far, so good.  I have re-vamped our schedule a bit, revised my expectations some, and looked at what are the basics we need to accomplish each day. 
3. Follow through with my Bible reading plan.
On track, making it my first priority each day.  I am really blessed to see how Tony is staying on track with his, and making sure it is done each day.  He sets aside time and goes by himself to study. 

4. Have housework done before I play on computer.
I think someone else must have snuck that one in! 

5. Exercise at least 3 times a week, besides my regular "on my feet all day" stuff.
Let's just say it is still a "goal", not an accomplishment.  Getting better, though.  I have found that if I do it first thing I seem to get more out of it.

6. Keep the school records current, so I don't have to face a month of stuff to log.
Doing better, everything is current up to Thursday of this past week, and I am finding time in the day to sit down and work on it.

7. Have more families over for fellowship at our house.
Have had people over this month, have plans for more, hosting the homeschool book club this week, tentative plans with some other moms and kids - this is really more of an ongoing goal, since we do have friends and family over frequently. 

8. Stay with a regular cleaning schedule.
This is probably more what I mean by "housework before computer" - these two goals are basically the same!  Back with the Flylady, though not quite as ambitious as she is.  But we are doing better with putting things away when we get them out, at least!

9. Be consistent with the boys - in discipline, in chores, in everything!
I hadn't addressed this individually - I guess it doesn't need much explanation. 

Okay, maybe it does.

I know that there are some who think that homeschool families fall into a form of idolatry with their children.  Well, maybe some do, but I think you can see that in all kinds of families, no matter what form of education they choose.  We do not idolize our children.  However - our family is first God-centered, and then family-centered.  And our family just happens to have a lot of young boys in it! 

We have these children in our homes for such a short period of time.  My oldest is almost 13, and when I think of how fast the last 13 years have gone by, and I look at only having another 5-6 years ahead to train him, I could go into full-blown panic.  But, the Lord reminds me that this is HIS child, He has marked out Tony's days before the creation of the Earth.  Nevin and I are to train Tony (and his brothers) up, to guide them, love them, instruct them, and then to let them go out into the world. 

Back to the consistency - it is hard!  Sometimes it is easier just to do the chore myself than to have to remind (remind, remind) others to do it, but then all they are learning is that if they turn a deaf ear and wait me out, they get out of work.  Sometimes it is easier to say I am being "merciful" when I don't discipline them, when really, I am just being lazy.  It is no fun to have to stop what I am doing and address someone's bad behavior.  Especially when I am going to come out of it as the "bad mom" or even the "mean mom".  Joe used to tell me that I was a "terrible mudder" when he was younger.  Ah, the joys of motherhood....!

BUT - it needs to be done.  There is no need to be rigid, but we need to be consistent.  Consistent bedtimes, consistent waking up, a regular routine of school and chores, and then lots of time to relax, dream, read, play, build, and just follow our own little plans for the day.  So this is another of those ongoing goals, and sometimes I do really well with it, and sometimes the whole system falls into chaos and anarchy. 

And then I just ask the Lord for strength for another day, forgiveness for where I've fallen short, and get up and try again. 

And now, just because Joe and Ben thought I should put some of their Lego designs on the internet, here are pictures of the ships they built the other day, as part of our Lego lapbook project!
Ben's boat, I believe that is a crab trap and the shark wants the crabs.

A little more detail, with additional endangered creatures being captured.

I mentioned to Joe that I didn't think a square boat would float, and he became very annoyed with me and my lack of vision. 

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  1. Good work, Paula! You mentioned you wanted to mentor others in Godly womanhood. You are doing that with this blog. Don't forget to give yourself credit for this. May all your days be blessed.



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