Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another snow day

Another snow day!  Or maybe a sleet day!  Whatever you call it, it has been wonderful so far.  Nevin stayed home, and he got to relax this morning while the boys and I did their schoolwork.  I like having him here, because I stayed "on task" with school (since he could hear us!) and that was really good.  I am so easily distracted.  Anyway, back to the snow.  We all had lunch, hung out a bit, now the guys are outside, sledding and 4-wheeling around the yard.

You say you want to see pictures?
Heading to the driveway on the 4-wheeler

The man and the machine

Ben hauling his sled back up the hill.....again!
It is really cold - I came back in.  Hot cocoa is on the stove - Henry is already enjoying a cup of it.  Later on there will be board games, and I think we will watch Groundhog Day (Bill Murray!) in honor of Groundhog Eve.

A perfect snowday....now, it does all need to melt tomorrow, though, because I really do have some things to do out in the world!  But for today, this is good.


  1. Love snow days!!!

    Trying to imagine the poor groundhog, trying to dig his way out....

  2. I sent the kids outside and Robert joined them for a while. I'm staying inside in charge of the hot chocolate :-)

  3. Looks like they're having fun! I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready for spring! LOL!



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