Friday, February 4, 2011

The Closet Experiment

In another attempt at "de-cluttering" I am trying out a closet experiment this year.  I know that EVERY expert says that if you don't wear an item of clothing in "X" number of months or years, you need to get rid of it.  While this does not apply in every case, I think a basic truth can be found here:

"If you don't wear it very often, get rid of it."

I am trying tho organize and simplify a lot of things in my life, and my clothing choices are part of that.  I have been removing things from my closet a little at at time the last few years.  Right now, I have a lot of clothes - besides half of a walk-in closet I have two huge tubs in the basement of things that are for spring/summer, things that have sentimental value (like sweatshirts my dad bought me, or t-shirts from events I want to remember), and things that are close to my current size but either just a little small or a little big. 

A small glimpse into my side of the closet

But honestly, I don't wear a lot of it.  Like so many women, I probably wear about 20% of what is in my closet regularly, have a few things that I like to wear when we go somewhere nice, and the rest is just a mass of clothing that I like but don't wear much for whatever reason. 

So why not get rid of it?

Well, because some I may wear again.  Some I spent $$$ on and hate to get rid of.  Some doesn't fit but I like to think it will again.  Some I just think is pretty, even if I know it doesn't flatter me, and it seems a waste to toss them. 

Don't get me wrong - I have been removing quite a bit lately.  Two weeks ago I took out SIX pairs of shoes that are in great shape, but that I simply never wear, never plan to wear, for whatever reason. 

So - I have started an experiment.  This year I put a "divider" in my closet and as I wear items, they are going to the left of the divider.  What do I hope to learn from this?  Which items are getting worn over and over, and which ones never see the light of day.  This spring, when I switch out my closet, those items that are still unworn for the entire season may be heading out the door.  At least they certainly SHOULD be.

Already, just five weeks into the new year, I see myself reaching for items on the left side of the closet out of habit.  It is taking some thought and effort to look at the other clothes with fresh eyes.  I did take tops and skirts and mix and match them around to come up with some new combinations, and that opened up a lot of possibilities.  I hope to learn from this how few "things" I actually need (or even use) so that I can get rid of some of it easier, and have a better "game plan" for the future - to only buy things that I really love, or even better, to wear what I have and love, and NOT spend money on new things!

I am well on my way with the shoes portion of the closet, and the "blessing others" bag is getting full!  

Next.....the bookshelves.....!


  1. I feel like I don't need most of any of the stuff we have in the house. And yes clothes are much of that "stuff"! I've been trying to be honest about myself and if I don't like it, don't like the way it feels, hangs, etc. Get rid of it!
    Good luck - Betty K.

  2. That is a great idea! Good for you - and it will be good for others, too!

  3. Save those clothes that you don't wear! I'm planning on having a "clothes swap" party at my house very soon!! (Details to come:)

  4. I heard about your swap party idea, Melissa....there is a bag in the basement with your name on it!


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