Thursday, December 16, 2010


Plans are all awry again today!  Last night while we were at our Bible study/fellowship it began to rain.  Just a soft, drizzly sort of rain.

Which hit the pavement, which had endured single-digit temperatures the last few days.  And then it turned into a solid sheet of ice. 

Last night was not too bad for us.  Four cars left the fellowship, caravanning out into the wild winter.  The first car got stuck on the hill.  The other three cars stopped, so all the men could go out and determine what was to be done.  While the men were out, I was texting back and forth with my friend Mandy.  We had all just been at Mandy's home, and she was suggesting that we all might want to come back and camp out for the night.

I started texting her updates on what the guys were doing, and as each car made it up and over the hill and out of her subdivision, and she was texting me that she was praying for us.  Everyone made it home safe and sound.  Everyone should have Mandy praying for them!

This morning we awoke to a world that looked fine, and prepared our plans for the day.  Those looks were deceptive, though.  Outside there is a thin layer of ice all over the road, the yard, walks, etc.  Within 1/4 mile of my house there were 5 cars off the road this morning.  A tow truck showed up to pull one out, and was promptly hit by another car.  So the tow truck left.  Our road was to be closed, but the news we got was the both state troopers who were coming out to close the road ended up in ditches along the way.  We live in a little dip in the road - on either side of the hills the roads are clear enough to travel, but our section is impassible. 

Sooooo, plans for the day - I was going to do school and then take the boys in to town for haircuts, and run a few errands.  Instead, we had a big breakfast - homemade waffles, bacon, omelets.  Now Nevin and the boys are camped out around the fire, with books and the Wii.  I have been baking cookies, and will soon move onto breads and pound cakes for Christmas gifts.  Get some laundry done, maybe a little housework, watch a movie together.  I am going to fix a nice meatloaf for dinner.  All is well in our icy world.  There is no use to fret about the cabinets that aren't being delivered today, or the errands that aren't being run.  Might as well take this day as a gift from God. 

So nice to have a time, even if it is forced, to slow down and reflect on God's mercy on us today.


  1. Oh my GOODNESS!! I had no idea the roads were that BAD! My husband is working from house to house installing cable...I'll have to be in prayer for him the rest of the day. Sounds like a warm, wonderful day you are having. Enjoy the fire! -Melissa :)

  2. Our ice went away around midnight. After a week of being stuck at home, I think the kids were glad to be able to attend some of their normal activities! Still, for my part, I really enjoyed this week!

    Glad you made it home safely!


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