Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More chicken stuff

Today the Hardy Concords are heading outdoors!

Today I decided to let the "chicks" go outside.  They were born 10/13, and have never been outside.  They lived in a nice warm cage in the garage for a while, and now they are in their own house, but while they were on chick food we kept them in.  Then it got really cold, etc.  But now, they are pretty big, and it is time to venture into the world.
They are not enthusiastic.
These are the older hens - they love to be outside scratching around, as long as it isn't snowy or rainy.

I tossed some bread into their run, trying to stir up some interest.  Got a little bit going, but still not quite sure what they are supposed to do.

Here's the whole flock of them inside, all trying to look out at once and see what is going on.

Okay, we can do it....maybe!

They kept taking turns going out, looking and going back in.  I swept the snow off the ramp, hoping to encourage them.  I am going to go back outside in a bit and see how they are doing. 

I have had a lot of computer work to do today, and I need frequent chicken breaks to keep my spirits up!

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