Friday, December 3, 2010

Birthday parties

We do everything pretty low-key here.  We don't have big birthday parties with all the decorations and guests.  With four kids, that can get a little crazy.  We also have four birthdays in six weeks here, so I am already stretched with just the cake-baking!  In our house, the birthday person gets to pick what kind of cake we have, what we have for dinner, and gets some gifts to open.  We eat, sing, open gifts, and then usually watch the video of what we just did.

Big party folks, we are not!

Everyone gets to do it differently, but we are just not inclined to the big party.  We already have everything we need, and just about everything we'd ever want as far as material possessions go.  We have big groups of kids over all the time, so there is a "food and fun" atmosphere pretty frequently.  And we don't have a big family, or lots of cousins.  Our immediate family all lives right here in town, so we can see each other any time we want.  We tend more to big holiday bashes - having the whole family over and a big meal at Easter and Thanksgiving, going to Grandma and Grandpa's for Christmas, and various get-togethers throughout the year. 

But, since yesterday was my 45th birthday, I thought I'd share some highlights:

Me and my guys - all our pictures are either me and the boys or Nevin and the boys - you seldom see us together (someone has to take the picture!)
Blowing out the candle on my Chocolate Lovers cake - yum, can he pick them!
 I especially like that there was just ONE candle, not a whole forest fire to put out!
The cake was an excellent accompaniment to the China 1 carry out he brought home - I LOVE Chinese food!

Okay, I know everyone does not love G.W. like I love G.W., but hey, it was my party and I could have what I wanted!  Looking forward to reading it!

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  1. That's the book I was looking for at the library yesterday! Let me know what it's like!


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