Tuesday, December 14, 2010

And I'm Not Particularily Artistic, Either!

With our study of St. Nicholas last week, I had the boys do some coloring pages of him.  I have found that it really helps them to concentrate if they have something to do with their hands while I am reading out loud. 

Now that I had all these really nice pictures, I needed to find a use for them - voila!

The Christmas Card!

Please note, I am not one to cut and glue, and make decorative cards.  This is all strictly from the scanner and cut and paste on Printmaster.  But, they did turn out pretty good, if I do say so myself!
The front of the card, with artwork by Tony

The center, with Ben and Joe's pictures
 For those who don't care to squint, the left-center reads:

"Nicholas was Bishop of Myra, in the 4th Century. He suffered persecution under the Roman Emperor Diocletian, including imprisonment. Tales of his generosity were widespread, and from this man the legend of Santa Claus arose.

The significance of Nicholas for us today is that his response to God's great love for us in Jesus was to care for other poeple. His kindness and care for children are modeled every time we give a gift out of love.

God gave us the greatest gift we could ever imagine: He gave us a Savior, Jesus Christ. We celebrate his birth, but eventually He would die for the sins of the world.

Jesus is the real gift of of Christmas."
And the back, with a picture done by Henry
Now, if I can just get them printed, pick up the envelopes, get them addressed and the pictures of the boys inserted....every great plan has its' share of obstacles!


  1. Miles to go before you sleep, but YOU CAN DO IT!!!

    I think homemade cards are a lovely thing!

  2. Those turned out nicely!


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