Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Little Snapshot of This Life

This day (okay, this last week or so!) very little has gone according to plan.  But, I am trying to be flexible here, find the joy in everything, yada yada yada.

So, just to prove that I am too flexible, I will share my day.  It has been the most amazing cycle of up and down.

I woke up this morning with my now-familiar head full of mucus.  Stumbled out for my cup of coffee and my Bible.  In Psalms today.  Got everyone up, got dressed, fed the chickens, loaded the car.  Printed up some more Christmas cards to get in the mail today.  Dropped kids off at Grandma's house, then on to the shop. 

Paperwork, pay some bills, enter some bills, type some contracts, bring the bulk of the work home to finish.  My wonderful friend Joette came by with some yummy homemade snack mix, a gift for the boys and THIS incredible scarf she made for me!

These pictures do not do it justice - it is sort of oatmeal, with the smallest amounts of rose, blue and purple running through it.  It is SO SOFT - I wore it all day and got several compliments!

Head out to pick up my Mary Kay order from a friend.  Ran to Bread Co. where I was meeting a Homemade Gourmet consultant, and picked up some BLT Dip mix from her for a gift for another friend.  As long as I was at the Bread Co. I got a tasty Asian Chicken salad, and a free coffee and free chocolate croissant.  The MyPanera Rewards card is gold, you must get one!  Back to the shop, dropping off Christmas cards at post office.  Not the cards I brought to do today - they still aren't done.  These are the ones I did last night. 

Ate lunch at the shop.  Should not have eaten so fast, ended up with upset tummy.  Cleaned up and off to Schnucks.  Called friend Angel on the way, because I have her Mary Kay, too.  She said she'd meet me at Schnucks. 

Nevin calls while I am on my way to Schnucks - in the event that we get snowed in Christmas Eve, we need to make sure we have staples - cheese, sausage, crackers, popcorn, etc.  Mentally add that to my list.  Meet up with Angel in Schnucks, who immediately compliments me on my scarf.  I just love her!!  Go and get all the last-minute goodies, as well as a cart-load of OTC cold products. 

While I am standing in the checkout, the lady in front of me loses the button off her coat.  Everyone gets down on the floor, trying to find it, though it appears to have rolled under the soda machine.  Finally, I am checking out - ooops, forgot tortillas for our Christmas Day Taco Fiesta!  The bagger says to go get them so off I sprint through Schnucks.  I pass three people I know, and pretend not to see them because I must RUN.  I am sure I look silly, but I cannot stop myself.  Get back, hand off tortillas.  Look over and see Angel laughing at me.  She has been sitting and smiling, and watching people check out.  She says she could just watch that all day.  Apparently, there are a lot of funny things going on in the checkout lines besides me.  There is some reassurance in that.

We head out to the car, give her her Mary Kay and we wave goodbye.

Now, drop the BLT mix off at my friend Mandy's house, to give to another friend for me.  We are supposed to be going there for fellowship and Bible study tonight, but with sick kids, we are staying home.  She gives me little bags of Christmas candy for each of the boys.  Do I have great friends or what?

Then, finally to Grandma's!  And......Henry is laying on the couch.  When he sees me, he starts crying and says his ear hurts.  Oh boy.  Get Henry up, confirm other boys can hang out with Grandma a little while longer, and then back into town to Urgent Care.

As an aside - this was my first visit to Urgent Care, and I love it.  We had to pay a $40 co-pay, and they had us in and out within an hour.  If I had even managed to get a doctor appointment with our pediatrician for today (doubtful) we would have been there minimum two hours, plus we have not met our deductible, so it would have cost us about $95. 

Anyway, dashed to The Apothecary at the hospital (so much faster and easier than Walgreens or Walmart!) and got the prescription filled, pick up other boys and BACK HOME!

I have done some laundry, finished a very good murder mystery, drank some tea, eaten some of Joette's marvelous snack mix, and now I am ready to go work on dinner (venison tenderloin, with bacon and mushrooms, yum!) and prepare for the return of Nevin to our home for the evening. 

And I didn't yell at anyone all day - even the lady who had us all on the floor looking for her coat button.

Tomorrow will be much quieter, I'm sure!

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