Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Week In Review

The title makes it sound like something really important and newsworthy happened, doesn't it?  But it didn't.  Life was gentle this week.

Sunday was church, and an excellent service. Here is the link to the sermon.  After church we hung out and then the boys went to Awana, I went grocery shopping, and Nevin went to Systematic Theology.  Can I admit that I am looking forward to Awana being over this year so that I can start going to Systematic Theology as well?  In the meantime, our pastor is putting the lessons on the web and we have the textbook, so I can study on my own.

Did school this week, everything seems to be moving along.  I printed up the workshop schedule for the Greater St. Louis Home Educators Expo.  Next year I have my first high schooler, so I want to attend workshops on transcripts, college requirements, dual enrollment, SAT, etc.  It seems like just yesterday I was at my first homeschool meeting, with a four year old and two year old son.  Now they are thirteen (fourteen in a few weeks) and twelve, with an eight (soon to be nine) and a seven year old, too.  How did this happen so fast?  The Expo schedule got me looking at the vendors, got me pricing curriculum for next year.  This is about the point in each year when I start thinking about next year.  I don't know why, we still have four months left in this one (I run our year July 1-June 30).  But, hope springs eternal.

Tuesday was Valentine's Day.  We don't get crazy, but Nevin always gets me a little something.  This year a beautiful pot of red tulips and a big heart of chocolates.  What a guy!  I also got my hair done, went out for Mexican with one of my girlfriends, and then went to my ladies' Bible study.

Wednesdays are always crazy here.  I start picking up the house and getting ready around 7, and my science co-op starts at 9:30.  Fourteen students, ranging from 10-15 years old.  It can get wild, but I think they are learning something.  I am, anyway.  Then a quick lunch and start food for our Wednesday night fellowship.  We head out the door to guitar lessons in the afternoon.  Ben does guitar, Tony uses the weight room, and the littles meet up with some of their friends to play in the gym.  Then back home, fast showers, finish up food and head out for fellowship.  I love our c-(community)group.  We eat a meal together, then have a time of singing, sharing, Bible study (we are in 1 Corinthians) and prayer.

Nevin has been working on the church all week.  We have a very small fellowship hall that we have outgrown, so they are knocking out walls and re-arranging spaces and Sunday School rooms.  He has been taking the older boys to work with him.  Today he and Tony are gone for the day, yesterday Ben was gone.  Even though they miss "school", they are still learning.  I log construction work as "shop".  It is an elective, not a core course, but it still counts.  It is a shame, so many of the things that they do are elective in the eyes of the state, but to me they are the most important things.  Bible study, physical education, shop - these are what makes them.  The time they spend with the Word, the time spent exercising their bodies and in fellowship, and especially the time learning to work with other men.  I think these things are much more profitable than say.....diagramming sentences.  Sorry, Jennifer, had to toss that one in there!

And today, what am I going to do?  Well, I have a pile of accounting work to complete, a list of things for the business that need to be done and haven't, reports to compile, documents to file and assemble.  So I think most of my day is going to be spent at the table with my laptop and accordion files and color-coded files and calculator.  Part of being a small business owner, all this business stuff.  I am sort of curious to see how we did last year.  Sort of.  It was an incredible and unusual year, to say the least.

I guess I'd better get on it - there are animals looking in the door waiting to be fed and things to get done.

You have a lovely weekend, too!

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  1. I love coming over here for my little dose of p&q. I am right with ya on the shop and pe and community. Those are, to me, essential in the upbringing of a boy. Your blog feeds my soul. Good weekend!


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