Saturday, February 18, 2012

I Hate Accounting

I have just spent over NINE HOURS of my Saturday at this computer, with piles of paper around me, getting all my information updated in Quickbooks.  I am not only assembling things from the last 8 months or so that I neglected, but am going back and fixing mistakes that I made years ago (before I knew what I was doing...hey, wait....).

Being self-employed definitely has its' ups and downs.  Today is a downs.

I have a headache, my eyes hurt, my shoulders hurt and I have barely talked to the boys that are home today.

Nevin is going to bring Chinese food.  I think I am done for today.  I am ready to escape this thing, take a shower, and put on my jammies and wait for my Chinese food to arrive.

Good night, all!


  1. Oh, hon! 8 hours at anything is too much (in my humble opinion). I had an equally frustrating day trying to begin a research project. Starting them is always the hardest. I hope your Sunday is blessedly peaceful and perfectly lovely.

  2. Sunday was MUCH better - and we got to eat the Chinese leftovers for lunch. All good, all good. I still have a stack of accounting stuff, but at least it seems more manageable now that the big hurdle is past. The rest I can do in bits in pieces this week.

    What is your research project about?

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