Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday Morning on the Homestead

Good morning from our little corner of the world.  Saturdays are usually our "slow" days here.  Nevin usually (always) has a project of some sort going- today is the Men's Breakfast at church, then he will be moving some furniture, and then home for the day.

The boys are just now stirring.  We had an overnight guest, and he was up about 7.  My guys, though, are not early risers unless they have to be. And on Saturday, they usually don't have to be.

It is clear and cold today.  Here is the view off my front porch as the sunshine was just starting to spread.

The shop, the playset, the remains of the garden, asleep for the winter

And, here is the back deck view

My first morning project is my daily Bible reading.  I am using a plan from the YouVersion app.  I am also currently reading Knowing God by J.I. Packer.   Excellent book.

I also wanted to update our ongoing science experiment for the co-op I do on Wednesdays.
We have glasses of bouillon here - one also has salt, one vinegar, one is refrigerated, and one is a control.  The control is full of bacteria.  I only have this out to photograph, otherwise I grow bacteria in the laundry room cabinets.  Below the glasses are two slices of banana. One just has water on it, one has yeast.  Did you know yeast is a fungi, and a decomposer?  Yep, and it is eatin' up some banana.

All the animals have been fed and watered.  Hunter seems particularly content in his bed.  Daisy and Hunter like to spend most of their time in the shop with Nevin, but he is not home so they are locked out now.  They will be so happy when he gets home and lets them in.  Around here we don't have barn cats (even though that is what I call them) - we have shop cats.

And for the piece-de-resistance: breakfast.  Today it is sausage, nice fresh eggs from our hens, and I mixed up some biscuits.  Yum, yum.

Saturdays are my slow days - time to do accounting/bookwork for our business, time to update our school   records and plan a little for next week, time to plan a menu and grocery list.  Today, some of this may be curtailed, as it is also a BIRTHDAY here - my #2 son turned 12 today.  He got to pick the cake (chocolate layer cake) and the dinner (Chicken Tortilla Chowder), so I have a bit of baking and wrapping to do today.

I will post the recipes later today, though!

Have a glorious Saturday!


  1. Sounds like a lovely day! Saturday is our busiest day. Husband and I meal plan and grocery shop on Saturday mornings and then we are off to the Bell Museum of Natural History to have a look. Later, we will likely go to Saturday evening Mass and have homemade pizza and root beer. It is our favorite albeit busiest day. Happy Birthday 12!

  2. They have a museum named after you? As it should be! Sounds like a great day, have fun!

  3. I know, darling, as it should be! Ha!


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