Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Morning on the Homestead

Only 6:30, so everyone else is still asleep.  I think this qualifies as a "stream of consciousness" post.

Last week was very productive - spent a couple of days cleaning out and organizing the office/schoolroom.  We don't actually do much of our schoolwork in there, but it is where everything is stored, and we have desks and a nice big island top.  It is good for the older boys to have a place that is quiet to do some of their work.  When we built the shop here it also became the office, so a big chunk of the space is devoted to desk area for Nevin, room for job files and bid files, office supplies, etc.  Last year it was sort of a mess.  This year, I think we can do better, now that I have an idea of what our needs are.

Last year was a "finding our way" year - with Nevin working from home, us having the huge commitment of the science co-op here, having joined a new church and getting involved in the lives of people there, and Nevin becoming involved in ministry there.  Now, I feel like we have a good idea of what the "flow" of our day can be, and we have eliminated a lot of outside activities and "running".

Simplify, simplify!  We had already been looking at ways to be more intentional and focused on our family and on God's calling to raise these boys.  And then this diabetes thing shows up and now I really do HAVE to stop and take the time and care for myself.  I HAVE to fit in time to exercise, to check my blood, to plan meals, to get pedicures.....okay, no one told me that specifically, but foot problems is a HUGE issue for diabetics.  Diabetics should check their feet every day, any dark spots or cuts with pus are a trip to the doctor, and pronto.

I am not a diva about this stuff, I checked with the cosmetology school in town.  The students do the work, under supervision, and you can get a pedicure for $10, and toss in a manicure for another $5.  Cannot pass that up!

While I am on the topic of being frugal, I found another great deal.  At St. Louis Community College at Forest Park there is a dental hygienist program Dental hygiene students work in clinic.

that needs teeth to clean.  We have not had dental insurance since I left my office job in 1999.  Consequently, for me to take the boys and myself for a basic checkup, cleaning and x-rays once a year is in the neighborhood of $700.  That was not a typo, for those of you who have insurance and no idea of what things really cost!  Still, the $700 is cheaper than any dental insurance we can find.  But, if we have the dental hygiene students do the work, all five of us can get it done for.......maximum $115.  Total.  For all five.  An added benefit is that it is next door to the St. Louis Zoo. So, this Thursday we are going to the Zoo, and then I go for the consultation.  A drawback is that we do have to make two trips, once to meet with the student who will plan our work.  The student will then get a "team" of other students together to take care of us and schedule an appointment.  So, we get to make two trips to the City, but I will plan some other outing for the day we go back.  I was explaining the process to Nevin and grumbled a little about having to use gas for two trips to St. Louis (it is about a 45 minute drive to the College) and he noted that I won't be using $600 worth of gas, so it is well worth it.

I met with my Educator from Kick Diabetes St. Louis again yesterday.  Joan is great, I am learning so much. When dealing with any kind of  "chronic condition" - knowledge is power!  Yesterday we talked about food,    reading nutrition labels, making good choices, what were some of my pitfalls (church fellowships!).  I have been humbled in this.  I always think I know so much, and having had gestational diabetes three times AND having been in Weight Watchers I just know all about it.  Not so, and I learned more about how fiber plays into counting carbs, how to deal with the "food police" who want to watch what you eat (and comment on it!) in a kind way (educated them, don't berate them!).  Here is a Diabetes Etiquette Card for those who don't have diabetes - very nice!  I remember reading something like this in college, when working on a paper about the Americans With Disabilities Act, on how to treat someone in a wheelchair.  It was very eye-opening.

Well, lots more going on here, more decisions about simplifying our life, just celebrated "my baby" Henry's 8th birthday Friday night (of course there are pictures!) but it is time to get moving and get breakfast going.  Have to get everyone out of bed and ready for church and then off to our annual church picnic!

You have a wonderful day, out there!


  1. Number 8: Do Be Supportive of My Self-Care: Love those pedicures, Paula! Have you opted for flowers and other really cool design options on those toes yet? It is amazing what those feet artist can do!

  2. I have a couple times. It seems extravagant, but it is so pretty.


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