Friday, August 17, 2012

I Am Strong

This morning I took an early walk down to the barn and back.  Our "road" is just gravel and big rocks -most vehicles cannot travel it.  We generally go on foot or 4-wheeler.  After the thunderstorm last night, big gullies were washed out, revealing huge chunks of rock.  Walking down this hill is an exercise in caution -walking up the hill is easiest in mountain-goat mode.

I made my way down the hill to the bottom, then cut into the woods and began running up the dry creek bed.        I heard Tony going by on his 4-wheeler, so I cut up a hill through the woods and back to the road.  As I waved to him I started a jog/climb up the hill, over the rocks.

And the Lord spoke to me.

"I made you strong."

Yes Lord, through you I am strong.  Three weeks ago, BD (before diabetes) I could not have done this.
You have given me strength every day to get on the treadmill, set at an uphill walk.  You have given me strength to walk and walk around the house, through the woods, to the barn and back.  You have given me strength through my weakness, to eat this meal plan, to take my supplements, to monitor my glucose, to write down  To only eat one piece of pizza yesterday, and IT WAS DOMINO'S!

God, thank you - you have given me strength.  I am not just a middle-age woman whose blood resembles a Krispy Kreme - I am created in your image.  Through this affliction, I will trust in you.

And I WILL rejoice!!


  1. I love this! You are strong. If you didn't always know this, I did.

  2. I have been feeling like I was "sick" since the diagnosis. Not physically, but the whole chronic condition thing has been wearing on my spirit. Today I felt like the Lord lifted that.

  3. Hi Paula!

    Love this graphic. Adding you to my prayer list. Pray for me too as I am on a dieting plateau.

    Found you on Aimee's blog. I also have read "The Organized Heart" which I reviewed on my PC blog and then just reviewed "Killing Calvinism".

    Hugs and prayers,


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