Friday, August 10, 2012

Clean, clean, clean

Have you ever seen the movie "Throw Mama From the Train" with Danny DeVito and Billy Crystal?  It is from the early to mid-80s, I do believe.  DeVito's character Owen wants to be a writer, so every day he is typing away on his typewriter (yep, that's how old the movie is) and one day Mama asks what he is doing.  He replies, "Writing, Mama.  A writer writes, always."  Mama grunts and says, "Type, type, type like a fat little pigeon."

I don't know why, but "type, type, type like a fat little pigeon" has stuck in my mind.  A lot of days I do that on the computer.  And today, when I thought about cleaning house that is what I heard...Mama in my head, saying, "Clean, clean, clean, like a fat little pigeon."


I love trying to clean, and I dream of organization.  I guess I don't love cleaning, but I love a clean house, so there you go.  I did Flylady for a while, incorporated some good habits from that, but personally, the onslaught of emails all day did me in.  I am always looking for ideas to add to my "daily habits".  Today I found a great house cleaning schedule at Time-Warp Wife.  The link takes you to her complete schedule, but here is the cute quick-glance chart she provides:

I wish I could type on it - Wednesdays I have a science co-op at my house from 9:30-11:30 (ish) and then we go into town for guitar lessons at 2.  We have a pretty rush-rush day.  But, I like her way of thinking.

Today - I think I will try the Friday stuff, and also spending a goodly portion of my day working on the website for our business.  Yes, we have been in business almost 20 years and no website.  Once I get it going I will post a link and would appreciate some input, of the constructive and uplifting nature!

Started reading this yesterday 
so far, a lot of things I already knew from having had gestational diabetes and Weight Watchers, but as this is fine-tuned to diabetes it is a helpful resource.

And that is it for today - the weather is only supposed to get up to 90 today, I have the door open to let in some breeze, going to hang some laundry, I hear people stirring about (Mom, how long are you going to be on the computer???) so I should go get busy.

Have a wonderful day, all!

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  1. Weight Watchers has changed as of last December. I love their new Point Plus.


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