Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Morning on the Homestead

It has been a busy few weeks, and today is the same.  I feel guilty taking time to type anything, but I feel more guilty for not posting two Saturdays in a row!

Last weekend was Grace Camp Meeting at Rockport Baptist Church. All the sermons are available at the website and through  It was too incredible to get into a blog post - besides great sermons (11 total) there were times of corporate prayer, lots of food (all the meals), lots of fellowship time for kids and adults....and it was all free, supported by the folks at the church.  I got to help make lunch and dinner lasagna for 200 people, which was a blast.  I was absolutely exhausted when the weekend (Thursday night through Sunday afternoon) was over, but am already looking forward to next year.

Other than that...wrapping up our science co-op, only two more weeks.  Looking forward to May - we have a camping trip with a few other families planned, our first homeschool Park Day of the year, and our homeschool group Family Night.  Speaking of homeschooling, I asked the boys to give me some ideas of things they would like to learn about.  Monday we are spending the day studying the History of Superheroes.  I have some very cool ideas as far as a timeline for when they appeared, comparisons to our superheroes and those of Greek, Roman and Norse mythology, etc.  Can you guess - we are eagerly anticipating the new Avengers movie coming out next month!  And we had a few boys over for a "small" version of airsoft war this week.

This week is busy, with trips to St. Louis University Medical School for a program on the ear, nose, eye and throat, followed by a dissection of a cow eye in their lab.  Then our regular science class, guitar class, small group fellowship, chess club, and taking the younger boys to see Suessical with some other kids.

Yes, I do think it is important to be home.  Yes, I do think this is part of homeschooling.  No, we don't run around every week.  Yes, it is difficult to balance the interests of four very different boys.    Yes, I am exhausted at times and think I may over-estimate how much energy I have.  No, I would not change our lives for anything in the world!


  1. Well I'm glad you back to the blogosphere. It's been lonely without you. I love the superhero history but the cow eye, not so much. I'm going to spend time with Rockport tomorrow.

  2. When you get on you can search Rockport Baptist Church. Go back a few months and there is a series by Scott Lee on the book of Ruth- excellent, showing Christ through the story of Ruth. I think you will really enjoy it.


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