Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday on the Homestead: Easter

We have had a pretty good week here, but one where almost NOTHING went according to my carefully laid out plans!

Monday we took a day off school (our Spring Break has been in bits and pieces, as needed this year) and did yard work.  Our yard is very, very rocky.  Over the years, more rocks have come to the surface, and last year when we built the shop we really uncovered a lot.  We have also managed to kill whatever lawn we had.  So, this year we are starting over with new topsoil.  But first, someone had to pick up all the rocks from the front yard.  This calls for unskilled labor, ie, me and the boys.  We filled three or four buckets on the tractor.  First we did the whole yard, then Nevin took the tractor and scraped up the top layer of the ground, then we went back out and picked up all the rocks he turned up.  So, the yard was all ready for the truckloads of topsoil that were to arrive, we had seed and straw, ready to go. 

While we were waiting, we also cleaned out all the flower beds and I planted 13 egg cartons of Purple Coneflowers, from seeds I harvested last year, and Nevin shovelled about half of the 5,000 pounds of horse manure we hauled into the garden.

Waiting, waiting.  Truck doesn't come.
Rain starts.  Rains for two days on the bare yard. So, now it is Saturday, a beautiful day to be doing some yard work, and we still don't have topsoil.  Maybe Monday.....

Thursday I went to the funeral of Miss Ann, who I spoke of in a previous post.  It was so sad to see her go, and I am trying to think of her joy in Heaven, as opposed to my sorrow over her being gone.  I think of my friend Debi, who is constantly in my mind and on my heart.  She was so close to her momma, and I know the loss of both of her parents in about five years is a tremendous blow.  No matter how old we get, no one  wants to be an orphan. 

Friday we had our family Easter, as we had some relatives in from out of town.  Really had a good time, lots of food (I got to bring desserts, my favorite!), the kids have more candy than Halloween. It was so nice just to have time to enjoy each others' company and fellowship.

And of course, there are pictures:

Every year we do an egg hunt, and Tony and Ben hide eggs for the younger kids.  Tony is in his element, hiding the eggs, laying down the rules for engagement

I was not so crazy about seeing Henry climb up on a retaining wall to the get the eggs off of the roof. Who thought of that, anyway??

Our cousins from Texas brought a pinata!  Mr. Bunny (and friend Nevin) lookin' good, before the carnage begins.

The kids took turns, blindfolded, giving it whacks with a bat, and a few pieces of candy would gently fall to the ground.  Finally, Tony had had enough of this and got a broomstick and took that bunny out.  Note that the trunk is still hanging in the air, while the legs are in the lower right corner, next to the car.  I had never heard of an Easter pinata, but this is one tradition I really liked!

And now, the ham is eaten,desserts are almost gone, and kids are still sleeping off their candy-induced comas.  Later today we will take some time to go further in our Bible study of the Resurrection.  We are using the Resurrection Eggs this year, and we did the first four yesterday, so I'd like to go through the rest today, leaving the last (the empty tomb) for tomorrow morning.  Today, take some time to think of Christ's sacrifice.  Rejoice in the risen Savior, who takes away the sins of all who believe.  The perfect lamb, who paid a price that we could never pay, who saved us.  We, who were dead in our sins and trespasses, the LORD was so kind as to save.  

"Up from the grave He arose, With a might triumph o'er his foes.
He arose a victor from the dark domain, And He lives forever with His saints to reign.
He arose!  He arose! Hallelujah! Christ arose!"


  1. When I saw the picture of Nevin I thought you had invited Michael Pearl over for Easter. Do you know who Michael Pearl is? If not, goggle him and tell me they don't look alike!


  2. I don't need to google, I know exactly who he is....and I disagree! :)


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