Friday, April 13, 2012

A Planner, A Planner, I need a Planner!

I really like planners.  I mean, I REALLY like them.  I am in a conundrum this year about what to use, though.  Maybe if I talk it through here, someone can tell me what to do.

I run my school year from July 1-June 30, so I would just as soon have my planner do the same.  This past year I used the On The Go planner from Home Educating Family.  I like it, it is a good size for me and has just about everything I want, though I also has a lot of stuff I don't use.  What I don't like - it has a week-view, not a day view.  I want a full page for each day.  The year before I used The Well Planned Day, also from Home Educating Family.  This one is big, too big for my purse and is definitely more than I need.  It incorporates the homeschool planning in the mom planning and that doesn't work for me.  It had almost enough room for their school stuff, but then the page did not have MY to-do list on it.  So I ended up cramming that at the bottom of their stuff.  It also had a ton of "filler" articles about homeschooling.

So, both of those are out for this year.

What I have used in the past, and what I want to use again is the Franklin Covey Classic.  I love the layout of two pages for each day - I can put my to-do list on one side, and all my notes from Bible study, sermon notes, prayer requests, WHATEVER on the right hand side.  I also buy the blank lined pages and set up separate sections for homeschool notes, book notes, menu planning, etc. that I want to keep all together.  It has a two page layout for each month, so I can see a whole month at a time, which is very helpful.  I have a tendency to look at one day and say, "Nothing going on, sure I can attend (fill in the blank) event!" without looking to see that I had something going every other day that week and I have now (completely) overwhelmed myself.
Classic Original Ring-bound Daily Planner Refill - Jul 2012 - Jun 2013

So, with this perfect planner, what is the problem?  Are you ready for this?  They do not make a slim, light binder.  I'd be happy with even a couple paper covers and some rings (there is an idea for a do-it-yourself project).  They are all big and professional.  I have one that was given to me almost 20 years ago.  It is still in great shape.  But it is like carrying a study Bible around.  Since I already HAVE a study Bible, that is a lot of stuff to drag around on Sunday! There have been many years that I have spent $$$ on all the refills, and then not used it because I don't like the bulky binder.

But I think I have given myself a thought already.....what if.....I only kept a quarter (3 months) at a time with me, and what if I did make a front and back cover out of heavy-duty paper, punched holes to line up with the Franklin Covey pages and put metal jump rings in (which I have a ton of, from various beading projects).  Then as I finished a month it could go back into the big, heavy binder and a new month could go in my personal binder.  When I wore out the covers, I could make more.

I think I may be on to something here.  I think I will work on this Saturday and see how it goes.  I will post my results, one way or the other.

Well, thanks for listening!  Just talking this out with you really helped - you all are so brilliant!


  1. Okay, so the paper and rings thing didn't work so hot. Now I am thinking a really small binder, and just punch the pages to make them fit...

  2. I don't have any fresh ideas for you. I gave up on planners years ago. I now walk around planner-less. If I remember something for a given day, I go do it. If I forget, I usually end up apologizing profusely. Generally, I don't forget - well, except for dentist appointments which I have missed with some frequency this year. I do tend to make daily lists and check mark when I'm done with something. Those float all over this house on scraps of paper. I can see your need for organization and I encourage you in the pursuit of the perfect system. Carry on! Belle

  3. I broke out in a rash just reading your comment...scraps of paper floating about....!

  4. Yes, there are days when I break out in a rash trying to find my scraps of writing too. To think, I use to get irritated when my mom would tell me that I would lose my head if it weren't screwed on. Do you think she was referring to those scraps of paper floating all around me too?

  5. I have a huge 12 month calendar on the wall in the kitchen. You know the kind with the big blocks for each day. I write every appointment, when bills are due, and anything else I need to remember.


  6. I have a family calendar on the refrigerator, and keep two months at a time up. But I need something just for me, that has my to-do lists, etc. all in one place.


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