Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday Morning on the Homestead: All Quiet, So Far....

Good morning, all! After a fairly busy week, it is nice to be laidback, with the day wide open to possibilities!  It is almost 9 a.m., and we still have some folks abed here.  It is very wet out, and overcast, and the prediction is for more rain to come.  A good day to hunker down in the house, get some projects done, maybe do a bit of reading.

Have you ever had a book that you are having a terrible time getting through?  I am right now.  Usually, if it doesn't grab me, I ditch it.  But, I have been reading Knowing God, by J.I. Packer for a few months, and I am only halfway through it. 

 I started off all gung-ho, but when it started getting hard I started losing interest.  It really isn't a difficult book, but it isn't one you can read in bed, either.  It pretty much requires you sit upright to read, and a highlighter is helpful, too.  My excuse - I have been busy lately, and when I finally get a chance at lunch or in the evening to read for relaxation, I want something lighter, that I can read a couple pages and put down again.  Oh well, soon I won't have to read a science textbook in the evenings, so I will have more time to devote to some serious study.

Speaking of science, our class went very well this week.  We only have four more classes, then we are done until September.  One of the moms told me that she has "Science Party" marked on her calendar on May 9 (our last day).  I told everyone we'd grill some dogs and have a little party at the end of the class.  Her daughter told her that should say, "Science Day of Mourning" because she enjoys it so much.  THAT made me feel good!  I know the kids seem to enjoy it, especially the experiments and the hanging out with friends, but I really thought they'd be glad to see it end.  I am divided - on one hand, I am tired of reading science at night and ready to have some more down time in my schedule, but on the other, I really do enjoy having them here.  I have given serious consideration to doing something short, like an eight-week creative writing class, over the summer, but I think I'd better not.  I owe it to Nevin to have my days not SO scheduled for a while, so that we can take some trips, etc. without it having to be So, a big ordeal or a nightmare of fitting stuff into small windows of time.  He is really a "get up and go" sort of person,  where I am a "plan it out and have an agenda" type.  Sometimes this works really well and we balance each other out, other times.....we just learn and grow together.

So, what else is my hair cut this week (you know your life is kinda dull when that makes it to the blog!).  I got about 4" cut off the length, and I feel so much better,  It is still should-length.  It had gotten so long that all I could do was twist it up in a bun, and that look was getting a little old. Also went out to eat a few times (like...3!), went to Ladies' Discipleship, did the usual Wednesday mayhem of science-guitar lessons-cgroup.  Thursday night we had our family portrait done, and yesterday was our last homeschool roller skating of the school year.  Next month Park Days start up, through August.

Next week is already shaping up into a busy week, with lots of fun stuff, and then Thursday - Sunday is Grace Camp Meeting at Rockport Baptist Church, where we are members.  Thursday evening, all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning is preaching, meals, times of fellowship in between.  It is a great time of renewal.

And that is it.  I will try to post some pictures of the kittens later today, they are getting huge, with their eyes open, starting to walk around on their own.  Until then, you all have a blessed weekend and I will catch up to you soon!


  1. I know I've told you before but I get such an incredible sense of peace in reading your Saturday posts. Thank you a bunch! I am so envious of your Grace Camp Meeting. I am in real need of this sort of thing. I wonder if you had another of these whether I could come visit and participate. I'm searching, Miss Paula, I'm searching. We cannot seem to find the spiritual connection we are needing here.

  2. We have it every year, and you ARE invited! It is just preaching, prayer and fellowship. It is not a revival, with big emotional goings-on or extended invitations to walk an aisle or sign a card. If you want, go to and search Rockport Baptist. The sermons from all the camp meetings are there, as well as all the sermons each week. You can download them for free.

  3. I'll go visit. Is there such a religion as Cath-tist or Bap-olic? Can I make up my own? ;-)

  4. Probably, but not at Rockport! Please don't make up your own, way too many people doing that already! :0


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