Saturday, May 12, 2012

Just a Little Creativity

I needed to keep the littles occupied for a while the other day, so we made this Spring poster. The paper is recycled from packing around some china.  The letters, flowers and grass are recycled from the pages of Missouri Conservationist magazine. The butterflies are new coffee filters, no need to get gross.

Well, I don't know how to rotate a picture once it is in, but these are cards they made for their grandmothers.

One of my very few artistic outlets is making jewelry.  I am not a real creator, more just a bead stringer.
 But I thought this turned out pretty.  The black are hemalkyke, whick is a man-made stone,
and the blue are just pretty Czech glass. This is a gift for a dear friend.

These are red coral and some sort of obsidian, and the silver beads are pewter.

These are actually shells, with Czech glass in between.

There is some detail for you!

A necklace and bracelet, made of glass, pewter and (gasp!) plastic beads.

Some detail.  Can you tell which are plastic?

I love the green and orange/red in the unakite.  The orange beads in the necklace are.....well, now I can't recall.
Starts with a "C".  I work with a lot of gemstones.

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