Sunday, May 13, 2012

Science Comes To An End

Our science co-op has ended for the year.  Sniff.  We had a great year, and I am going to miss those guys.  But so far, it looks like I will have a bunch of them back next year!  Hooray!

So, for those who care (and those who just stumbled onto this site) here are some picks from our last class, and end-of-the-year party.  This is not just the students, but moms and some younger siblings as well.  I think we ended up with around 30 people.

We finished up the year with the human nervous system, and the last class was on the five senses.  To study the connection between taste and smell, my#3 son Joe was our subject. He is blindfolded, and holding his nose.

First I fed him pieces of apple and raw onion, to see if he could tell the difference.  Out of 8 bites, he go 2 correct while holding his nose.  Then, I fed him apple and raw onion while he was not holding his nose.

I guess he could taste the onion, since he is spitting it back out into my hand.  He is a good sport!  For this experiment, we let some of his friends who are too young for the class observe. Usually the "10 and under" crowd is downstairs.  Note the two girls on the left, I think they are getting a particular enjoyment out of this!

Showing him what we fed him.  

A giant cookie from one of the families.  I was really blessed by the appreciation shown in so many ways by the families.

Line up for food!  I grilled dogs that morning, and we had an assortment of salads, chips, veggies and dips.

Do those dogs up right.

There's always one.

Graci guarding the dessert table.  Oh yeah, we had a lot of desserts!

Enjoying the perfect weather on the front porch.

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  1. Looks like fun! We just finished our science co-op on Friday too.


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