Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Shameless Borrowing - My "Life's Too Short Top Ten" List

A blog post by Susan in the Boonies got me thinking this week.  What is MY "Life's Too Short- Top Ten" list??

And as I make this list, I have to ask myself - are the things that are really important being reflected in my life?  I used to hear the expression that you can tell what someone loves by their calendar and their checkbook - by how they spend their time and money.  I know that the main thing that gets crowded for me is the calendar, the endless to-do list.  Most of my list does not require much by way of money, but it is my time that needs to be considered.

Soooo.....my Life is too short:
  1. To not spend time with the LORD.  To know Him, worship Him, study His Word, rejoice in my salvation, and tell others about the LORD.
  2. To not make sure my husband knows how very much I love him.  I want to give him the best of me, not the drudges at the end of the day (or sometimes drudges in the morning or at lunchtime!).  I want to love him and have him know how much he is loved by my actions.
  3. To not spend the time to know and love my children. Not just to be a disciplinarian or to keep the household running for them, but to seriously know them, be involved in their interests and love on them.  To watch NASCAR and basketball, to discuss LEGOS, to kiss away tears and belly-laugh at jokes.
  4. To not pray for my children and husband.  My greatest desire is to see my children saved, walking with the LORD.  My desire for my husband is that I can be a helpmeet to him as he leads our family, teaches us and supports us.  
  5. To not spend time in fellowship with the saints. Why would I miss opportunities to be blessed and to bless others?  To gather for corporate worship, for times of prayer and study, for times where we can have fellowship as our lives and our walks are entwined, our hearts knit together.
  6. To not learn and grow.  I want to always read and learn and study, for my mind to never grow dull, to stop wondering.
  7. To not throw a party when it is obvious one needs to be thrown.
  8. To take on projects that I don't want to do, and suck up time that could be spent on things I do want to do.
  9. To not take the time to create - be it food, jewellery, cards, whatever.
  10. To not say, "Thank you" - every day - to the LORD, to those around me.  I want to appreciate and show appreciation.

So, there you have it.  What are your Top Ten?  I'd love to hear from you!


  1. It's a good thing to think about, I think.
    I wrote that post a few months ago, sat on it, found it again on my Desktop the other day, took it out and dusted it off and made a change or two.

    Enjoyed reading your list!

  2. I've seen the phrase "corporate worship" twice this week. Do you mean going to church or something else? I do not like the word corporate with the word worship. It doesn't sound real and good. Please explain. Belle

  3. Corporate does not equal "corporation", which is what I think you are thinking- like "business". From Webster: corporate- combined into one body.

    Generally, when someone says corporate worship, they are talking about a church service. It has other applications, though. When the members of a local church are combined into one body - physical together - it is corporate. You can meet with a few for a prayer meeting, and it would be corporate prayer, as opposed to personal prayer time (alone). I can worship at home alone, but I choose to not forsake gathering with other believers for corporate worship.

  4. Oh - thank you. My head is stuck in the business world at the moment. Corporate meaning one body does make more sense. I still wish there would be a better term to use though. Is this a trendy term or have I just missed it for the last 40 or so years?


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