Wednesday, March 14, 2012

An Unplanned Day, That Has Accounting

Is that just the combination for restlessness or what?  I have sick folks again - 3 out of 4 boys and a husband.  Nothing series, all various stages of colds and coughs.  Just enough to be miserable and not want to do anything but sleep and watch cartoons.

Okay, my husband is not watching cartoons, just for the record!

So, I had to cancel the science co-op, guitar lessons and our community group fellowship.  And find something to do with myself.

I have been tired all day, because I was awake listening to coughing all night.  Then I got up at 6 and started getting ready for science.  Which didn't happen.

What to do, what to do.  Too tired to work up any enthusiasm for fun.

I have a green folder that says, "Paula Do This".  It is all the loose pieces of paper that I don't feel like dealing with, or I need to look up information for, I need to file, etc.  All business-related.  So, I tackled the green folder.  Then I did some accounting work and updated some business "stuff".  Then I managed to read both my new National Review AND World Magazine.  And take a nap.  Played with the cats.  Messed with the chickens.  Re-filled glasses of ice water.  Watched Toy Story.

You get the picture.

Tomorrow I promise to be more productive.  But at least I made a big dent in that green folder.

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