Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday Morning on the Homestead

Another Saturday here.  I am starting to like Saturdays.  I never did, you know.  Too unstructured.  No idea what could happen.  No plans for the kids (ie, no school).  No telling what Nevin may be up to.  Always a possibility that whatever fragile, tentative plans I have made for my day (note the selfish "my day" - part of the problem, perhaps????) could be upended at any second.

I am getting over this, though.  Remember, I am flexible now!  So, what is going on here today...

One of the families at church had a baby yesterday, so this afternoon I am taking a drive to deliver homemade pizza and Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake.  All just an excuse to hold the new baby, of course!  Nevin and the big guys are at our church monthly Mens' Breakfast, and then going to go do some guy stuff.  The littles are watching a movie in their jammies.  I got up and did the school schedule for this week (most of it) and now am taking a break.  I am fully caught up in "preparing for high school".  Last night I was printing up college admission requirements for a few schools, reading up on how to do transcripts, what "counts" as high school level credit, SAT and Bright Flight scholarships......okay, had to stop!  That is why I am going to the Greater St. Louis Homeschool Expo this week.  Woohoo - five more days!!!!!

Happy Anniversary!  Three months ago today I deleted my Facebook account.  And how has this affected my life?  For the better, on the most part.  I have found that I have more time to accomplish things around the house, for one thing.  There are two really incredible benefits.  First off - now that I do not "check" (check means "hang around reading for an hour) Facebook in the morning I have time to do my Bible reading first thing, have time to spend reading a "book that requires highlighting" and time to organize my morning.  Since I do not "check" my Facebook before bedtime I manage to get my plans/thoughts sorted for the next days' school.

As a result - we are now doing regular, consistent Bible study in the morning.  First thing after breakfast.  The most incredible blessing of this is that on the days that Nevin is home he participates and we get to start our day singing worship songs, praying, studying the Bible and reading a devotional from VOM Jesus Freaks (martyrs of the Church).  All six of us, together.  This has radically changed how our day goes around here.

Another benefit of no Facebook is - no drama for Mama!  I used to get so caught up in what other people were doing, what they thought, sucked into judging people by their posts, and setting myself up to be criticized by others.  It was also way too easy to fire off remarks via the messaging without giving them enough thought, and not always recognizing how "tone of voice" does not translate in a FB message, and then having that to deal with.  When I think of the days - literally DAYS - of school I lost, and even more, the peace of mind that was gone - well, let's just say it is good-bye and good riddance for now.  There are certainly some aspects that I miss- good friends who have moved away, relatives that I don't see that often, old friends from school that I made contact with through FB.  That is kind of a drag.  But it is interesting, too, the friends that I didn't have "time" for before that I am having to make more effort to see.    There is a joy in the effort of texting a note, planning a visit, writing a letter.

One other drawback- I have found that I don't take as many pictures of my kids now that I cannot instantly share them on Facebook!  So, for those of you who are just plain missing the pictures of my family, I give to you...... the first three of the four birthdays we celebrate in February and March!

#2 Son, Ben, twelve years old.  I cannot believe how much he is starting to resemble my dad.  That is a chocolate cake (Easy and Elegant Devil's Food).

Everyone is fascinated with the presents

Dad and the guys.  Ben is wearing his coonskin cap, pretty much a permanent fixture during the cooler months.

Me and them.  Look how much taller Tony is than me.  I am not short, either, I am 5'6".

Tony's 14th birthday.  The candles on the cake are footballs.  He requested Red Velvet cake.

When I started to take the picture I told Nevin to stand up straight and he said he was...yep, Tony has passed up Dad.  Nevin is 6', so we have a really tall 14 year old!

And Nevin, with his Snickerdoodle cake on his 46th birthday!  

We may not be the skinny, cute little things from the wedding pictures, but that is okay - we may be a bit weathered, but that is because of the storms the Lord has sailed us through together.  There are definite benefits to getting older.  I wouldn't trade the experiences we've had for all the facelifts and tummy tucks in the world.


  1. The biggest benefit of Paula not being on Facebook? Belle - who was on FB for a total of 2 weeks and ran away to hide in the woods (jk)for some private time - gets to see your lovely family grow up. Those are adorable pictures. I love your 14 year old. I think my 14 is about 5'8" now. Getting older is a true blessing. I wouldn't trade it for any 20 year old body either. This is a very bountiful time for us mamas, isn't it?

  2. Funny, pinterest had the same effect on me. I got all signed up, it seemed to give me people to follow, I couldn't figure out how to get rid of them or what I was supposed to do next and auggh - run and hide in the woods!

    When the guys got home we delivered our food, went to a park, then a family fun center for bowling, air hockey and skeeball, and then to A&W for dinner. Being flexible can be fun!

  3. I can't believe how the boys are changing! Happy Birthday, everyone!

    I miss you on fb, but I understand your reasoning behind leaving. It's interesting the form our idols take today isn't it! At one time I only thought an idol was a man made image sitting on a shelf. Now that image isn't just sitting on a shelf, it's on my desktop, tv, in my hands in the form of a book, or any of the thousands of things that cause me to shift my focus off of Jesus. It's scary how easily we fall into those traps.


  4. What a great post. Congratulations on your new liberation.
    Best wishes,

  5. I did read SJ Watson - Before you Go To Sleep. You can find my review on my blog. Do you think this is a male or female writer? I thought about that as I was writing and it sort of changed the tone of the book for me. Belle

  6. I will go read your review - and it never occurred to me that the author would be anything BUT a woman......


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