Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Good News Bad News

When I was a child, I had a book titled Good News Bad News or something like that.  It was a tale of ups and downs - bad news, I fell out of a plane, good news there was a haystack below me, bad news there is a pitchfork in the haystack, good news I missed the pitchfork, bad news I missed the haystack.

That sort of thing.

That is how my morning is going.

Bad news - the man of the house is sick. Again.  That poor man has had a rough winter.  I think he picks up every bug that floats around church.  More bad news - the boys and I were supposed to go to the symphony and zoo today, but I am not comfortable leaving him all day, so we cancelled.

Good news - my friend Angel took the ticket and will take care of herding our crew.  Other good news, Grandma and Ben got to go on an outing today that they'd had to cancel yesterday (when Grandma was sick).

Bad news - we are supposed to have our science co-op at my house tomorrow, so if he is still sick, we can't have all those kids here.  Good news, one of the other moms said we can have it at her house.

Really good news - my friend Angel (who is a REALLY good friend!) just called and said they won a year family membership to the Creation Museum, but they just went this year.  So.....they are blessing us with it.  How is that for cool!

Other really good news, actually the very best news of all - The Lord is sovereign.  He is in control.  I can rest in this.  He has provided me a whole, unplanned day to take care of Nevin, and to get some things done around the house. He provides sisters in Christ to step in and help out.  He has provided for us that I AM home, so that there is no huge conflict of having to be at work somewhere instead of being able to be here.

Would I prefer that Nevin was not sick, that all our plans for the day (and he had plenty for today, too - one drawback of being self-employed, no calling in sick and someone else taking the work!) were not changed, that I didn't have to erase the list in my planner (it is always in pencil)?  Absolutely - especially the part about him being sick.  But can I rest knowing that God has it all in the palm of His hand?  Yes, most gloriously yes.  There is such a peace in knowing this sovereign Lord.

Edited, later that same day....
I wanted to add this text from my friend Cyndi.  She said the things I meant to say about God being sovereign, in response to a whiny text from me.

"Concerning joy - I have to constantly remind myself that our omniscient God predetermined all that takes place would happen exactly when it did, as it did and NOTHING could have changed it!  And your omnipotent Father will no doubt empower you with all you need for this day!  He always does - I know you know that, but it's nice to be reminded!!"

That was what I meant to say.  Good news - that the Lord has blessed me with such friends today.

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  1. You, my dear, are a very good wife, friend and mother (no particular order). You are blessed and you bless. Even on the very edge of your world I see how God works through you. Best wishes to the man of the house.


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