Saturday, March 3, 2012

Can I Say That I REALLY Hate Accounting?

This is my third, count'em THIRD Saturday in a row that I have spent hours getting my accounting "stuff" all up-to-date and ready for the accountant to do our taxes.  At least today it was only a few hours (like three!). And now it is done (doobie doo dun dun) and ready to be dropped off.  I hope she does her usual magic and we don't end up owing.

Oh well, this is part of being a business owner.  And really, I have got it good.  Our cabinet shop is in our front yard.  Nevin just has to commute 100 feet or so to work.  He can have breakfast, lunch and dinner with us.  I can do most of my work in bits and pieces as I have time at home, instead of having to leave the kids and go into town to work (like I did when we had a shop in town).

So, now that THAT is over, what are the happenings here on the homestead?  We've had a great week - lots of friends hanging around, chess club, our science co-op, my ladies' discipleship group (and lunch out with one of my friends!), our small group fellowship......we have been some fellowshippin' fools this week.  But hey, there is nothing better than spending time with the saints.  It makes me see how incredibly   blessed we are with the friends and family the Lord has provided to us.

I read an excellent book, Hannah Fowler, by Janice Holt Giles.  I will review it next month, but all I can say is that if you liked Mrs. Mike, O Pioneer, My Antonia, A Lantern In Her Hand, The Tall Woman, et al, then you will love this book.  And if you DIDN'T like any of those books.......well, what is wrong with you, anyway??

Now that all the accounting is done, I am cooking for fellowship tomorrow after church (I told you, it has been a fellowshippin' week).  I am making a big pot of venison stew and a lemon cake.  I may toss together something else, too.  Tonight I am going to make venison nuggets (tasty fried pieces of venison steak, splashed with hot sauce, sooooo gooooood!) and some form of potato and veggie for dinner.  Probably mashed potatoes and green beans.  I also got the menu all made up for the week, and the corresponding grocery list.  I feel like I have been very productive.  Very soon I am going to put the food for tomorrow aside, and finish up laundry.  Then tonight, we can all hang out and watch a movie together.  

And that is it for today!  Nothing earth-shattering, but really, do you want the earth to be shattered?  Me neither.

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  1. I'm glad you're finished now. If you didn't hate it, I would seriously think something was wrong with you.


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