Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Morning on the Homestead: Where to Start.....

Life here the last few weeks has been nothing short of chaotic.  I feel like I have barely had time to sit still, yet somehow have managed to read a couple really good books (which you will find out about tonight or tomorrow sometime!).

I last posted about our adventures with an unplanned Saturday.  Two days later I went to my moms' homeschool meeting, and came home late with a little tickle in my throat.  By 2 a.m. my throat was on fire, tonsils huge, I was feverish and achy all over.  I laid in bed for a few hours praying a)to be healed and b) that the Lord would show me how to re-arrange all the "life" I had on my schedule.

Healing came after a few days, and the Lord did reveal a new arrangement for me.  I re-scheduled our dinner plans for the evening (a family of 13 was joining us for homemade pizza).  Then I re-scheduled our science class for Thursday.  Nevin took time out of his workday and took Ben into town for his guitar lesson.  I re-scheduled all four boys' haircuts.

After staying in bed for two days (unheard of) and consuming massive quantities of Alka Seltzer Cold Plus we managed to have a delayed science, a re-scheduled pizza party and then I hauled myself out on Friday and Saturday for the Greater St. Louis Homeschool Expo.  THAT was a not-to-be-missed weekend.  Two other ladies rode with me both days, we packed lunches to eat in the car (so fun, we opened up the back of the Suburban and put down the seats and it was like going to the drive-in), and spent two full days there.  We even went out for a grown-up dinner Friday night.  I will elaborate more about what I learned in another post on planning for next year's school, but for now - let me just say it was the boost and refreshment and encouragement I needed to finish this year well.

Sunday was the last of our birthday bonanza season - my Joe seems to have gone from a little guy to a big guy suddenly.  He is nine.  He is the first of my boys to be fashion-conscious.  Everyone else dresses for comfort, but Joe has style.  He likes flat-billed hats and shirts with cartoon characters.  Joe requested Angel Food Cake with Chocolate Icing, so I made an easy chocolate buttercream, and it was delish.
That was really a good cake.

An Air Soft Warrior is born

Note any resemblance?  What a handsome pair.

The guys

This past week has also been a bit of a whirlwind - took a day off to stay home, and spend HOURS switching out closets and drawers, then on Tuesday I had my Ladies' Discipleship group here, followed immediately by out-of-town relatives popping by (Michelle, if you read this - I was SO GLAD to see you guys and wish you could have stayed longer!).  Wednesday was back to our regular routine of science-guitar lessons-small group Bible study.  We'd missed our group for two weeks because of sickness and it was so good to see everyone again.  When we got home, we found that Daisy had had her kittens,
Daisy and babies
so now we have baby kitties again.Thursday the boys and I and my friend Faith ran all day - they FINALLY got their haircuts, bought new tennis shoes for all four of them, lunched at Chik-Fil-A, bought chicken feed, went to Walmart, hit the butcher shop, oil change, bank, etc.  Came home exhausted.  Yesterday was geography club.

Doing a report at Geography club.  The topic was North America.  Ben chose Area 51 for his report.  Let's just say that we are an eclectic bunch in our group!
Today we are hosting a huge air soft war in our woods (so far I think we have two dozen boys participating, not to mention the parents and siblings who will be hanging out).  Tomorrow is church, fellowship dinner and AWANA.....and next week I have STAY HOME written on the calendar!

Some weeks are just like this - life gets busy, lots of fun opportunities start crowding the calendar.  It is hard to know what to do, what to pitch.  Our "spring break" from school work was sort of taken in bits and pieces the last few weeks.  Monday, back to regular schedule.  I like all the busyness at times, but it makes me appreciate my home so much more.  I am making a list of all the home projects that need to be done around here, and can't wait to get started!


  1. Okay - I'm so starting to look forward to these Saturdays on the Homestead posts. I love them. I think it's a niche post for you. Even in your most chaotic moments, your life seems purposefully peaceful. Those kittens! I love them! They are the very essence of springtime. Belle

  2. Faith is home and has viewed the kitten pictures. She'd like to know if we can come pick one up - please, just a quick ride down there.... If we'd have been there, we might've each taken one off of your hands.

  3. Michelle, jump in the car and run down. Give it a couple 3-4 weeks and they will be ready to go!


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