Saturday, January 14, 2012

Homeschool Snow Days

Snow throws the schedule into disarray.  It always does.  I have often noted that it ONLY snowed on days that I had to be at work (back in my employment-for-money days).  Then it ONLY snowed on days I really needed to get to the shop (back in the days when I worked-for-free at my husband's cabinet shop). 

Now I suppose it will only snow on the days when I have fun things planned to do, since my husband works from a shop at home and I can work from the desk in the school room. 

We got our first snowfall of the season early Thursday morning.  There was maybe an inch in some of the drifts.  Enough to make the back roads where I live hazardous, so I chose not to leave the house at all. 

But this little bit was enough to throw my school plans into disarray.  I got the boys up with the promise that if they hurried up and ate and fed the animals they could play outside BEFORE school.  Usually, I would at least attempt to make them do some bookwork first, but it is a losing battle.  And besides, the sun was shining and I was afraid it would melt.  Would YOU want to be the mom who made them do school while the only snow all winter melted?  No, I didn't want that on my tombstone, either. 

And so, here they are.  This is the slope off our driveway, which ends in the woods.  I am always waiting for it it end with someone slamming into a tree, but in nine years they haven't broken any bones.

Getting ready to go again.  The figure on the right is my husband, getting ready to videotape.

Henry is ready for the snowboard.

Joe makes everything look easy.

They look so young.  These guys are 11 and 13, 5'3" and 5'11", respectively.  But everyone is a little kid when they are out in the snow.

Afterwards, hot chocolate, lunch, some book work.  The local school district also had a snow day, so the boys next door came over and sledded down our hill, then they all went inside for a wii tournament, followed by xbox at the neighbors' house.

We got the really important stuff done, anyway!

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  1. Looks like fun! We've got snow in our forecast and a hill in our yard. :) Hope I can be a good Mom and let them play before school...giggle.


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