Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Cold Morning In the Henhouse

We got a little bit of snow and ice last night - maybe an inch - nothing for around here.  But, it is blowing and cold (in the 20s) and there is still flurries....flurrying...around .  I went out this morning to check on the hens, and most likely, break the ice on their waterers.

Look who got locked in the house last night.  He must have already snuck in before we closed the house up for the night.
Rule #1 - LOOK inside the house before you lock it up.  Need to remind Eldest Son of this rule again!

Yep, playing dead, the little possum is.  Now I know why my hens were hollering this morning!

Not so cute when you can see his evil eyes, sharp teeth, and hear him hissing at you.

He hadn't killed any chickens (Praise God!).  I think the little ones aren't quite ready to take on a full-grown hen yet.  They mainly eat the eggs and the chicken food. 

The hens are not at all pleased.  Not at all.

He stayed out there all morning.  I chucked a few rocks in at him and was rewarded with the evil hissing and snarling.  He did not want to come out in the daylight - I think he was just going to stay in there all day, then mosey on out when it got dark.

But, alas (for him) Nevin came home and shot him. 

The moral to this story - unless you are invited, you better stay out of my henhouses!

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  1. Amen Sister!! I am glad the little devil will not be back!

    Kelly(chicken fan)


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